Take Heart Stories

Take Heart Stories | Saskatoon Family Photographer

Our lives aren’t absent from pain, these sessions are for those who hold tightly to hope in the midst of it all.

“Here on earth you will have trouble. But take heart, for I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Inspired by the words of Jesus, and the truth of His goodness in my own story, I wanted to offer these sessions as marker of hope for a world who desperately needs to know that pain is not the end of our story. I’ve personally found so much comfort in the words of Jesus, and the countless ways He’s taken the painful, broken pieces of my story and woven them into His big, beautiful, victorious tapestry. We are invited into a Kingdom full of LIGHT and LOVE in the midst of pain and trouble. This is the gospel of Jesus, it’s the story of how we can overcome our troubles and walk through fire, victorious on the other side.

My story like so many other’s stories began in brokenness. I’ve known the pain of deep loss, and heart-aching grief. But the one thing that’s remained truer then anything I’ve faced, is the unending goodness of God. Again, and again, He’s invited me out of death, and into Life; life full of light and overflowing with love. I know many of you have experienced this too, and I want to capture these stories of hope and God’s goodness - for you and for those who are in desperate need of hope.

Part of my dream is to make a book or a magazine (not sure if that’ll ever happen), but for now I just want to start with collecting stories and sharing them through my blog as a way to spread hope + light.

If you have a story that you want captured and shared, please reach out (using the button below) and share a bit about your story with me! If you want your edited images from the session to keep and treasure, the fee is $250 (+tax). If you just want it documented so others can be encouraged, the session is FREE.

Please note that I will be taking a limited amount of these sessions per year.

Let’s shine light in the darkness together.


Tamarah Hodgson

Take Heart Stories | Saskatoon Family Photography