6 Hour Mentorship

6 Hour Mentorship


Let’s dive a little deeper — this is for those of you who need more time to develop your skills or dig deep to discover your vision, harness your voice as an artist, or refine your skills. The topics we can cover are endless: shooting in manual, composition, editing, creating from your heart, finding your voice, finding your ideal clients, creating with light. We’ll sit over a good cup of coffee, and cover 3-5 topics you want to work on, grab some lunch, and then I’ll come with you to a shoot that we’ll pre-plan, to champion you as you carry out your vision. We’ll end with a short editing session. And after our time together, I’ll be just an email away!

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I created this mentorship to help artists discover their creative voice and purpose. I believe that as artists our gift of creating is full of unique, unlike anyone else, purpose. We were made to be originals, not copiers of one another. In this mentorship we’ll dig deep, and I’ll help guide you in the process of discovering what you carry within. From there, I’ll help give you tools to carry out that vision. We’ll execute a “dream shoot”, and go over post processing, and delivering your final product. At the end of it all, I want you to begin to truly see what you carry and gain the confidence to mover toward your creative purpose with confidence.

After it’s all said and done, I’ll do a one month follow up via email or FaceTime. And we’ll be forever friends!

I want you to achieve your dreams, to bloom fully into the creative artist you were made to be.

Ready to work to go on a creative journey together?