Beautiful New Love

These two have this sweet, innocent and beautiful new love going on.  The warm and fuzzy kind, the tickles in your tummy, and we so felt it that afternoon on the lake!  It's the kind of love worth waiting for, the sweet kind, but the deep kind.  We saw it in their eyes.  And like the sun it lit our hearts that day.

Emily about Jeff...

"He told me he loved me after two weeks of dating. I thought he was crazy. I thought he must be mistaking love for just a deep appreciation for me or all the lovely feelings that are associated when you first begin dating someone. I would soon find out that he wasn’t just crazy, he was actually crazy in love with me. I had told him that due to a painful heart break in the past I would be very much guarding my heart. In that moment of first opening his heart to me and knowing full well that I hadn’t even given permission for my own heart to love, I knew. I knew that in order to love someone again, God would have to send someone radical enough and bold enough to love with a strength that I had never experienced."

It was easy to get caught up in their love that day.  The thoughtful and intentional way they held each other with their eyes, their hands and their words, left us feeling the depth of their love.  

We ended our session with them inside their family cabin on the lake, warm by the fire with their devotional book in hand, wrapped in each others arms.  And we got to see the fun, competitive side of Emily as she took joy in beating Jeff in a game of cards as they sipped on peppermint tea.  It was warm, inviting and the perfect way to end our time with them.  We really can't wait to spend the day with you in November as you vow your forevers to one another.  

Spending time with our clients capturing them doing their favourite things together is truly one of the greatest gifts.  Getting to see you as you are, in your element, where you feel safe and secure, doing what you love with the one you love.  It's your stories that keep us going, your beautiful, un-comparable stories.  There is no story like yours, it's beautiful, it's unique and it's worth remembering and passing down.  Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful story Jeff and Emily - we are so honoured.