Why Imperfect is Perfect

Saskatoon family photographer

Sometimes I just want everything to be perfect — from the way things look, to how I’m feeling about myself or my husband, or my kids, right down to how I choose to love them. But one thing I keep learning over and over again is that life will likely never be that way. Can I grow, and learn and ask for forgiveness when I mess up, and try my hardest, and walk in grace? Absolutely. But sometimes we just need to find rest in the messy middle ground.

I’ve sometimes felt myself neglecting to choose joy in the messy middle ground…maybe you’ve done this yourself. But I’m constantly reminded that NOW is the perfect time, messy and undone, to be fully present, and give light to the beauty around me. Now is the perfect time to embrace what IS good and wonderful, and let go of the places that are too high for me to reach. It’s ok to celebrate before we make it to the top of every mountain. It’s ok to stop and rest and take in the view halfway up, because it might take our whole lives before we finally reach the very top. So don’t forget to celebrate, right here in this perfect, imperfect moment. Here in this messy middle ground, you’ll find beauty all around, if you’ll just rest long enough to see it.

Here’s the the perfectly imperfect.