A New Journey | Motherhood Sessions

Newborn Motherhood Photography

I’ve spent this last year working through anxiety, slowly, but surely removing the things that only left my stomach crawling up my throat, and my heart beating a mile a minute. Some of the things were things I’d loved, and dreamed of — but life is full of seasons ever changing, and sometimes it’s necessary to let go of the things that don’t serve the season we are in. I would say now, that I’m working at becoming minimal. My soul has craved space and rest, and the pursuit of meaningful moments with the ones I love. For me it’s looked like coming back to Jesus being my One thing, and then rebuilding life around my pursuit of Him. And honestly, I’ve been more in the tearing down phase, but this post is about the slow rebuilding of what stirs my heart, and what I feel called to in this season.

One of the biggest signs to me that things REALLY needed to change was that my kids were getting a stressed out, “loosing my mind”, and too often angry mommy. I wasn’t able to give them the best of me, to love them whole-hearted. I’m not talking about perfection here, but rather intention. I’m talking about being a mom who still makes mistakes, but walks in grace and an overflow of love. I had become mostly mess; mostly chaotic. So this became my mission, to get back to graceful motherhood — healthy and whole for the ones I loved most in this world. In doing that, I noticed my desire to create shifting so strongly to capturing the journey of motherhood. Not the perfection of it, but the beauty of it, messy and graceful. I began to feel drawn to minimalism and simplicity, to natural and raw beauty.

So this is my slow, intentional journey — a new journey, to capture the whole-hearted, love-given, grace-filled path of motherhood, and the stories that lie there within the waking beauty of the journey. From growing new life, to birth, to holding our babes in our arms — nursing them, to the men that stand beside us through it all, and the growing pains that follow as our kids become their own independent people. These are the stories I long to capture. I want to help you savour every moment along this joyful, heart-aching, and breathtaking journey through motherhood.



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