Quinn + Siera | An Elegant YXE Wedding


Where do we start with these two?  It's obvious that Quinn + Siera are not only classy people, but they are full of love.  And not just for each other.  It was clear from every interaction they shared with all who were present on this day, that they are people who live from love.  They are people of integrity...deeply devoted to God, and to letting their lives be beacons of light.  

Joy follows them wherever they go, and they wear kindness around their necks.  Greatness goes before them.  They live the kind of lives that shift and move what's broken back into place.  We watched the people who know and love them, adore and honour them in countless ways - from joyful glances, to shared laughter, to stories and songs.  What a beautiful life is being built here, between these two.  

Here's a glimps into their beautiful day...

Tamarah HodgsonComment