Art for your SOUL


What is all this SOUL SESSION talk about?  We want to tell you.  It's a new way.  It's a new way of thinking about photos, about art, about creating.  It's a movement birthed in community.  Almost a year ago a journey began with our dear, talented friend Chelsea of Chelsea Klette Photography.  Creatively thirsty for more, we let our hearts come together and dream.  All of us passionate about moving beyond "just taking photos" we poured our hearts out, and as we did this, SOUL SESSIONS were birthed.  We brought our clients together for a beautiful night of shooting, it was thrilling, and beautiful beyond words - just ask them.  And something happened deep within each of us.  We realized we couldn't go back.  We couldn't go back to shooting without SOUL.  We couldn't go back to shooting without INTENTION.  We couldn't go back to shooting without PUSHING the limits of LOVE.  So forever changed, we're moving forward, and we're building our businesses upon SOUL, INTENTION, and LOVE.  We're choosing to take what we birthed in creative community, and keep giving it life, and sharing the life we found in SOUL SESSIONS.

Not only have we found our hearts overflowing, but we've seen the GREAT IMPACT these sessions have had for our clients.  We've seen breakthrough happen, we've seen them cry as their very heart is captured.  We want to weave together the most beautiful, honest, stories - the stories of your heart, and SOUL.  This is why we can't go back to "just taking photos".  Our lives were meant to share the gold hidden within others, and push ourselves and others to love more fiercely, more freely, more fully.  

Some words from this beautiful couple: 

"After 7 years of marriage, we've walked through a lot of dark valleys with one another. It's easy to get caught up in life and move through each season, without really pausing for connection; not really experiencing life but just trying to survive it. Tammy and Tamarah came along our path ever so timely. 

After just coming through what was one of our hardest seasons...we made a conscious and unified decision to restart, to be all in, and toss away the "this is how we used to do it" mindset; ultimately shifting the direction of our relationship. The Soul Session was a part of our marriage recovery. We saw the session as an investment in "us."   We gained more than just photos from this session. It was an hour for us to physically be near each other, connecting, without any expectations. An hour to remember our "why". As I look at the photos heart whispers, "this is us - raw, messy, vulnerable, enduring and unapologetic." The photos weren't a façade or counterfeit; trying to display the perfect relationship. Let's face it... all relationships carry with them dysfunction.  Instead, they accurately portrayed us; the real us.

Tammy and Tamarah have a true gift. They have the ability to create a platform for you to find connection. Whether it be with your spouse, family or within yourself. They were able to ease us into the session and made us feel as though we had known them for years.  Even in the midst of a deep soul session,  we still had plenty of time for laughter and a little humour. We can't thank them enough for being instrumental in our journey."

Tamarah HodgsonComment