That new love.


There's nothing quite like that NEW LOVE.  You know, the "we just made this tiny human, and our hearts are exploding" kind of love.  It's truly indescribable.  It's one of my favourites seasons of life to capture.  It's joyfully raw, and full of emotion.  It's the most blissful kind of exhaustion our hearts and bodies will ever go through.  The late night feeds, poopy diapers and constant giving of ourselves easily become our voluntary servanthood because this little person means everything in the world to us.  And that shapes us.  I always tell people if you thought marriage was teaching you to be selfless, have a baby.  And maybe the most beautiful thing about it, is that being selfless for them becomes our joy.  No one has to ask us to do it - we are simply and deeply compelled by love.  It's as though this very giving of our lives was our entire reason for living.  And maybe for the first time in a long time, or maybe for the first time ever we learn that self-less, life-giving love is the most worthwhile way to love God, and to love this world.  

Tamarah HodgsonComment