Making Lemonade


Life can be a bit like birth.  It's unpredictable.  It doesn't always go as planned.  But I'm learning that is OK.  And not only is it OK, but life is constantly giving us opportunities to choose joy in the middle of the unpredictable.  That's what I love so much about this session.  The night before our scheduled maternity session, this mama texted me saying she was in labour and had been admitted to the hospital.  So what did we do?  We did the maternity session there - we made lemonade.  And it was pretty AMAZING.  

One of my favourite things about this session what having TIME.  We didn't rush things, I came and spent a few hours with them.  We talked more then I took photos.  I left feeling so alive and rich.  I think this is why we are so passionate about our longer sessions - we love having time on our side.  It allows everyone to relax and truly BE THEMSELVES.  In the end, this produces the most honest, beautiful, true-to-you images.  

More then just taking your photos, we want to share in your story.  We want to capture all the unpredictably beautiful moments it's made up with.  The light and the shadows - it's all for purpose, and we are convinced that every story matters.  

As a side note, we just launched our Wholehearted Sessions - 12 one hour sessions January through December of 2018!!  We are taking on 4 families to tell their story, using both image and word.  You'll also get a beautiful journal from Soult Journals with prompts to help you write out your story.  At the end of it all, you'll get a stunning book full of your images and words.  If you want more info, send us an email!!  

PS.  If anyone is looking for birth photography or a Fresh 48 session for the new year - get in touch with me - I'd love to talk!  

- Tamarah 

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