Wrapped Up In Love | Saskatchewan Wedding

How does one describe Justyna + Jason?  It’s more about what I feel then what I think. And what I feel is a big hug that swallows you whole and keeps you there the entire time you’re with them. Then afterwards you ponder the love they carry, and different scenarios throughout the day keep popping into your mind. Each and every person at their wedding was deeply cared for. They had experiences together that bonded them. Today was a call to celebrate, and they came.

Both Jason and Justyna’s eyes shine so brightly. You know you will be greeted with warm excitement when you see them. And today was so special, today we were greeted with tears. Tears of joy but also tears of gratitude and relief that we were there to capture their day.

You could see as the day progressed that each and every guest was so important to them. There was a connection made, an embrace felt, for each. 

As times passes I see how important it is to slow down and take time to hug. To tell people how you feel about them. To not rush to get everything done, but to enjoy the process of doing things. Even if it’s the daily routine; the warmth on your hands as you do the dishes or the diving into those soft cheeks when you kiss your little ones. This was witnessed in both Justyna and Jason.

Their beauty is in who they are. Sure they are gorgeous outwardly, but that’s not our focus. We see the little loving gazes, and they way the groomsmen hold each other above themselves. And a community thats wraps its arms around these two new-comers. This is not their hometown but this town has become their home.

But what really stood out that day, if I had to choose one thing. It would be the connection between the couple. They seem as though they have always known each other. From the moment Justyna called Jason ‘buddy’ and he just knew 'she was the one'. They joined that day, and today it’s official. Not that this was needed to confirm their commitment, but that this was the celebration of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

To love and be loved. There is nothing greater than this. 

Tamarah HodgsonComment