Love Art Sessions

I'm on my way home from our week at camp, feeling full, refreshed and tired.  Going through this session fills my heart with such inspiration and deep longing.  These two are lights leading toward LOVE.  Their love is a fire unquenchable, and an anchor that I believe could withstand any storm.  They love fiercely.

Tammy and I are so passionate about seeing marriages that are full of love and passion, and helping couples pursue connection.  We talk about going after this kind of relationship with our own husbands.  We want to build marriages that will stand the test of time, that can weather any storm, and grow more beautiful over each passing year.  So we've decided to do what we know how to do about it.  This summer we will be offering limited Love Art Sessions for couples.  Our desire in the simplest form, is to help fan the flame of love between the two of you, to inspire deeper connection, and show you how beautiful your love is. 

"Love does not happen, it is indeed intentional.  It is the practice of two powerful people putting one another before themselves."  (Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On)

We'd love to tell your love story.  Email us at for more info.