Connection: the heartbeat behind our work

We are passionate about CONNECTION.  Tammy and I talk about it ALL the time in various forms.  Whether we're talking about how we're connecting with our hubbies, our kids, or our friends.  It's at the heart of what we do and it’s what keeps our vision alive.  We desire to see families connecting beneath the surface - venturing into the depths of their hearts, and giving one another to themselves fully.  And it’s something we strive to do with our own families.  

These photos were taken between clients at our most recent mini sessions.  It was an impromptu moment to connect.  And really, it was amazing to take even just 5-10 minutes to do so.  Something happens when we feel connected - memories come flooding back, love is stirred up and trust is established.

The push behind what we do isn’t even (honestly) that you’d come away with amazing photos - you will (and we do LOVE creating beautiful photos for you), but even more than that we want you to connect with your loved ones and be strengthened in each others love.  When we are connecting with our loved ones we are allowing them entry into our hearts and lives.  I believe we were created with a need for deep connection.  It’s the longing of every heart.

I truthfully haven’t always been great at connection, and I still struggle to connect with the ones that I love.  Why is that?  Because of pain.  Our pain causes us to build walls of safety and protection - so instead of connecting deeply with the ones I loved, I built walls to keep them out - so my heart would remain untouched by pain.  The truth is, I THOUGHT I was protecting my heart, but the pain was deep with no love to heal it.  It wasn’t until I started taking down those walls and letting myself RISK being hurt, that I also began to experience love and deep connection.

You see, before Wes and I got engaged, I broke up with him.  He said three incredibly scary words to me early on in our relationship - “I LOVE YOU”.  Most girls would be thrilled - I was terrified.  I had been hurt a number of times, and I wasn’t going to let that happen again.  So I broke up with him, and said I needed space.  A few days later, I was at my mom and dad’s house and they discovered my news.  Immediately my dad responded with “well that was stupid” and started to go on and on about how I’m always running away from things that scare me - even if they’re good.  To be fair, my dad is a kind man, so him saying my decision was stupid was a WAKE UP CALL.  And thankfully I listened to my dad, and well, now Wes and I are married with two sweet boys, and I've experienced a great deal of love because of this amazing man. 

Just because I decided to start taking my walls down doesn’t mean there aren’t moments where I find myself trying to build them back up again.  But I’ve learned to find my safety in the love of Jesus, and by letting Jesus be my safe place, where I am fully loved and known, has allowed me to deepen my connection with the ones that I love.  It really is more of me trusting Jesus, and letting Him take down my walls - because I know He loves me, and He is for me.  Yes, it’s been scary and I have had to make a constant effort to not walk in fear and choose to trust, but it has so enriched my life.  And I’m determined to continue to live from this place, and run after all that is possible.  I don’t want to settle for a life muddled by fear and pain because I chose to build walls and block out any possible healing that would come in the form of love.  

Fear won’t stop me from running after a love that is full and connection that is deep.