Father to the Fatherless

This is a story about adoption.  This is a story about a family who has chosen to love a child that was not their own as if he were.  And now this sweet boy has found HOME, he has found FAMILY.  He knows the love of a father, and a mother.  This is a story about REDEMPTION.    

Devan is my cousin.  And I have been amazed watching him grow into such a loving man.  He has chosen a wife, beautiful in so many ways, radiantly kind, and he loves her well.  And now as a father, he is strong and gentle.  I was kind of undone watching this family that day.  Their hearts out on their sleeves as they gave themselves fully to this boy, now theirs forever, who had not known the love of a father and mother.  This is the most beautiful kind of story.  It's the invitation of the Father - open arms to the fatherless, a love unending.  It's watching the heart of Jesus being lived out in the flesh.  A love deeper than anything that could divide, a love that always says "I've chosen you". 

“Becoming a mom has been the best and hardest thing I've ever done. Through it all I am so grateful for my little man and his daddy for making my life so, so rich. I didn't carry you in my womb but we will honour the woman who did. I didn't help you grow and thrive for your first ten months of life, but we will always cherish the people who did. All of Royal's losses have lead to my greatest gain. I can't believe I get to be my little boy's mama.”  - Leah

What hope filled my heart that day, and each day as I have gone through their photos.  Every time I look through them, I am filled with such an awareness of the love of Jesus, of the story He is weaving.  This family embodies that message.  This family is a light, a beacon of hope.  I'm so inspired by their brave, courageous love.  They had always talked about adoption - from the very beginning.  It was in their heart to make a HOME for the fatherless. 

"Leah is a true reflection of Christ in the way she loves, cares for, and forgives me. I have gained a new understanding of what it means to love others from her, how important it is to look past what makes people different even if I may not be entirely comfortable with those differences and just love wholly. In turn I have learned to give that same love convicted in the sure knowledge that this is what was meant by ‘Honor your parents, Love your neighbor, submit/ honor your spouse, and the like’."  -Devan

"Adoption is hard. Parenting is hard. But we are so privileged to parent this amazing little person, and that is something I hope to never take for granted."  - Leah