There's Room For All of Us

I used to think about it a lot - this thing called “competition”.  There’s this natural desire inside us all to be the best, to be Number One.  We work hard and we hone our craft in hopes that we’ll get the highest paying clients and all the “best of” awards.  This is also known as pursing excellence - and just to be clear - I whole-heartedly agree with the pursuit of excellence.  But here’s where things get tricky - we start looking at what others in our industry are doing, how they are excelling and moving forward.  Maybe they book a client that used to be yours or they book the wedding you wanted, and you start to think, “why did they book them instead of me?”  Or maybe someone gets awarded your city’s “best of” award in your industry, and all of a sudden jealousy takes over you.    This is where competition becomes a problem - a poison really.  

So how can we avoid being sucked into this poisonous trap?  

For one, it starts with THANKFULNESS.  Yep, you got it.  Start being thankful for things you have.  Your family, your friends, your work, your clients, the other businesses in your industry!  Thankfulness is like a superpower.  It turns our heart from jealousy and envy and helps us to begin to see how much we actually HAVE.  Thankfulness is a game-changer, a life-changer.  So try it - wake up each morning and list at least 10 things you’re thankful for.  I guarantee you’ll begin to see a shift in how you see your “competition”, and you’ll be a much happier person.  

Secondly, if we’re going to get over that competition mindset, we’ve got to realize that we each carry something so amazingly, uniquely, and purposefully different.  This is huge - HUGE!!! Because here’s what it boils down to… YOU, are amazing!!  You are incredible at things that NO ONE else can do quite like you can.  

So here’s my question - what are they?  What has God placed deep inside you that no one else has?  What do you bring to your industry that’s different?  GO THERE.  Be amazing at what you’re amazing at!!  Right?!  This has been such a game-changer for Tammy and I.  It’s really made all the difference.  Do that deep soul-searching thing, figure out what it is that you carry.  Ask Holy Spirit to show you, ask your spouse, your family, your friends - the people who know you best.  Once you figure it out - run with it!  This is where magic begins to happen, and trust me, your work will begin to bring you life that you probably never knew was possible. 

So here it is, the heart of the matter - there’s room for all of us.  So let’s stop chasing that competition train.  Start being thankful for what you HAVE, and start using those things that only YOU carry.  

Lastly, let’s honour one another.  Let’s cheer one another on.  Since when did someone else’s success become your failure?  If we would start viewing our “competition” from a place of honour and if we would choose to celebrate them, their uniqueness and amazing ability to do what you do in a completely different way, the competition mindset would become a thing of the past.  I for one one would rather dig deep into the ground to find what I’m amazing at, grow from that place, and become a tree that provides shelter, breathes life, and gives seed to many others, until I’m surrounded by an entire forest.  Because 150,000 trees can do far more than just ONE.

(Photos are from a recent mentorship session Tamarah did with a sweet, up and coming photographer - Kassidy of Kassia Photography)