Honest Joy | YXE family session

This session was another reminder of why we love what we do SO MUCH.  It's such a joy to be welcomed into a family's home, and to get to witness and capture their beautiful story.  We believe that everyone's story is full of beauty, no matter what we've gone through.  Our job is simply to watch that beauty unfold, be attentive to your story, and capture all those wonderful glimpses of amazing love.  

This home was full of honest joy - mom's creativity and contagious laugh, dad's gentle and kind spirit, and little Addie, an explosion of sunshine (sweet in every way).  She sure kept us on our toes with all her busyness!

As we spent time with this family, we truly witnessed some amazing glimpses of their beautiful love for one another.  There was such an ease about them, the way they enjoyed one another, they way they laughed, and the way they connected.  We loved watching Addie light up, we loved seeing the love her parents have poured out on her literally come out of her.  You know a child feels loved when they express love so well.  There were so many sweet moments that literally took our breath away.  

We love connecting with our families too, and often find we get to make the sweetest connections with the kids.  We took some time alone with Addie, and she insisted that she wear her princess dress.  Tammy got into the groove of asking her all sorts of questions about being a princess.  At one point Tammy asked, "do you think I'm a princess?"  Addie rolls her eyes and *huffs*, and responds with, "no, princesses wear dresses!"  (duh, right?).  It's so fun to see the world through little people's eyes :) :).  

Thanks for having us and sharing your story with us, we just adore you all!