a thankful heart

Thank you. To our families that welcome us into their homes and let us fall in love with them. 

This family is no different. The loves pours out of my heart and through my soul when I look at their photos. It's as though we are family, and we've known them for so long. This heart work, the work we do at Meraki + Light, is pure freedom.

One of the things that really struck me was how David and Amy like to do everything together. Amy spoke that if she sees the boys getting ready in Max’s room she just has to be in there, together with them.

Amy + David are a team. And they are also so in love with each other.

Maxwell is joy. He is a combination of his parents and he shines. The way he looks at his mom and dad is with pure love. I see this beautiful trio of love, all connected and intertwined and a part of each other, no separation. Glued together. Magnetic. One.

Even though they can choose to do things apart, they long to be together. The beauty of family. Of belonging.

They spoke to us with honesty and are willing to share it with others. Such joy fills my being when I write about these three. I feel connected to them in a way that is only possible with Jesus. I see a path, and along it families that he has brought to us. And time, He has given us time to share and learn from each other. And simply time to get to know one another, and create a heart connection.

God spoke to me this morning...

~Be free, do not be afraid. I am with you, and I will bless you. I am for you, and I will never leave you. I am the words, I am the truth, I am your light. And I shine through you. Do the work I call you to, do not be afraid because I love you SO much. Do not worry what others think of you, they will judge you, but it’s ok. I will protect your heart.~

Thank you for permission to share our hearts. We appreciate every one of you that reads our posts, and supports us. This is an amazing journey!!