bedtime stories

There's just something about the sweetness of bedtime moments. I know, I know, you think your kids are so crazy and wild at bedtime. And I'm sure they are. And sometimes they get injured, or maybe injure each other? I'm sure they do that too. But I love the moments when you hold them after they are hurt, or connect with a book just to settle them down. And the moments with hugs and kisses shared as little ones crawl into bed. I know that each of every one of these sessions had 'moments' that parents didn't want captured. Guess what, we didn't capture them.

Our focus is on love, connection, touch, feelings. And that is the magic we capture and share with you. Because the truth is that every day has ugly moments, and if we all focused on those that would be all we have in life. But we choose happiness everyday, and we choose to focus on all that is good and lovely. But we aren’t afraid of the real either, the sad tears and humble hugs. We are after the real moments, focused on your families connection. 

With our whole hearts, we just want to embrace and accept your love for each other, just where it’s at.

Here are a few of our favorite bedtime moment's of the past year.