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I've had a few conversations lately, and I really want to talk about Meraki + Light's vision and dream. 

Vision: Our lives are the unfolding of a remarkable story - a journey that not only involves us, but also our loved ones.  Like tree rings, we grow layer upon layer, leaving a legacy of love behind.  And within these layers there are cracks - pain, loss, brokenness.  Our hope is that in the midst of these cracks your rings would keep on growing, that your love, though forever left marked by these cracks would continue on and that your story wouldn’t end in pain, but that hope and love would continue to grow from your lives, leaving you with the most beautiful story to share. 

The conversation that came up was one of inadequacy. One of, are we enough? And I thought, how do I explain this. How do I show you to not compare yourself but love yourself? 

One thing we want you to know - When you see our photos of families and couples, you are essentially looking at their hearts.

Our hope is that we can portray truth in our photos. Honestly, heart and truth.

But our goal is not to make your heart or truth look like the images on our blog.

Every family, every person, every child is completely unique to themselves. And when we walk into your home and your documentary session, we walk in without expectation.

Because it is your story we want to tell. 

So if you see something on our blog and you think

'I can't do that, I'd never be able to write like that and look like that in photos.'

Then I say, you are exactly right. Because you are not them. And it is YOU who we want to honour.

What does your love look like? Who do you care most for? How do you show them your heart?


Our gift is to celebrate this life you've created! Please do not feel discouraged. You are worthy of being captured. You are beautiful, and lovely, and amazing. Your job is to be yourself, our job is to show you your beauty. 

Tammy and Tamarah

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