a little thank you...

Tamarah and I often talk about what we have gained in our work. Love -healing - knowledge, you learn so much from families. And every time I take something away that I may want to add to my own life. We observe slowly and mindfully. Breathing and breaking away to re-focus. It's a long day sometimes, and what we gain is even more than we can give. 

we receive comments such as 'I was forever changed that night' and 'my heart is bursting with joy'. But it goes both ways. Moving in a direction led by the Holy Spirit, and freely following without expectation is amazing. They are so open with us, and for the first time we feel as though we are truly knowing our families. When we are able to see an intimate part of their home and family. 

we recently held a contest to win a Savour session. These are our 6hr - all day sessions where we simply spend time getting to know and honour a family. And many people wrote in, and they shared. Like really shared. It felt like we had given them permission and they just really needed to talk. It moved me beyond works. The trust and love that poured out. And to us! We cannot express how this made us feel. Beyond anything we could have imagined. I'd love to share a few quotes...

'My sister never complains about all of the extra care she has to provide for J and always finds time between the feedings and appointments to take J to new and exciting places making sure he can have every possible experience'

' They live in MooseJaw and don't have any family around there…they recently found out that their son, N, is severely to profoundly deaf…he is 18 months old.  Our hearts break for them and for N as he has many obstacles ahead, but we believe that he will overcome these and that God will bring healing to our nephew!'

'She received a diagnosis that caused her to fear her future ability to have children.  Early this year, they found out, much to their surprise that they were expecting.  Although initially surprised, she has embraced this little one with the kind of love only a mother has.  Her partner surprised her one day upon coming home from work with a crib and change table for babe.  Put together and in place in babes room.  A way of showing his mutual fatherly affection and anticipation for the newest member of their family.'

'She continually impresses me with regards to how much she gives of herself to her family and friends, and how little she asks in return.  S is always the first to come to my help if I need it, always willing to lend a hand even if her plate is full. S's husband works out of town, and therefore their limited time together is very precious and something worth capturing on camera'

So where do we go from here? We will pray for all of our submissions, that's really all we can do. And we will continue to love, because if we all focus on the bright light and goodness this life has to offer wouldn't it be a better place? Of course pain will always be a part of that, but support will get us through. and God will get us thru.

You've moved us. And you've gently pushed us to be better people.  We will always be grateful to every family. for what you've shared. Your vulnerability is greatly appreciated. We hope we can return this favour in the form of lasting memories. 

A little bit from Tamarah...

I can’t really even begin to properly describe how much I love this change Tammy and I have made, to do family sessions differently.  Looking back I feel like I used to photograph families with such little intent and focus.  I thought that I could see, but really, as I look back I realize I was missing it.  I acted like I knew the families I would photograph, but I was missing who they were; I was missing their story.  And it wasn’t really my fault, I was just doing photography the way I saw everyone else doing it, and so it seemed like enough.  But after every session Tammy and I do, I realize that there is so much more that is possible.  By actually rubbing our shoulders and being real and honest with one another we can cause each other to grow. 

Now that I’ve seen what is possible, I just can’t go back.  This is what I’ve been longing for since the day I fell in love with photography, and Jesus.  Tammy and I don’t just want to take your picture, so you can send out a Christmas card.  We want to take the time to get to know you, to hear your story, to let your story stir our hearts, impact us, and maybe even change us.  And so far, I have been impacted every time.  Each story has moved me and increased my capacity to love and to grow.  My hope in all of this is that our clients (and their families) would also grow, receive hope and sow even more love because we all rubbed shoulders and spoke life over each other.  That’s really our desire at the end of the day, that we would all leave our time together feeling refreshed, feeling alive, and taking the good from one another and spurring one another on toward hope and love.

So thank you, thank you, to all our brave and courageous families so far, for letting us in, being honest and real with us, and so deeply moving us in ways we didn’t expect.  We have felt so honoured and blessed to journey into this new endeavour with you, and we look forward to all the families we will connect with in the days ahead. 

And thank you to our lovely friend, and momma to Rubes, the newly *mrs chelsea Basaraba! aka Klette.  She photographed us for our website, and we returned the favour earlier this week. Chelsea,  you are radiant and one of the most beautiful of souls.  We absolutely adore you.  xo love ya girl! 

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