What I’ve decided about motherhood

I’ve been a mom for almost 3 years now, and I have two sweet boys as proof.  I’ll be honest and say when I first started on this journey of motherhood, I thought most of it was going to be pretty easy.  I also thought that as time went on that it would get EASIER - that somehow over a short amount of time you just magically morph into super-mom with super-human strength and an un-ending capacity to deal with all the chaos that motherhood throws at you.  

I was wrong.  Boy, was I wrong.

I often tell new or expecting moms that motherhood is the hardest, most beautiful, challenging and rewarding thing you’ll ever do.  And maybe it’s the challenge of it that makes it so rewarding - or the fact that you end up with the most beautiful human beings that absolutely look up to, adore and love you.  I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s both.

But here’s the thing that I’ve decided.  I will never magically morph into “super-mom”, and I will probably never have an un-ending capacity to deal with all the chaos.  I will mess up, I will fall short (and probably multiple times, daily), and I will have to ask my kids for forgiveness repeatedly (I know this, because it’s a pretty accurate picture of what my everyday looks like - let’s be honest).  I also know that my strength often comes in slowing down, breathing deeply, remember who I am and embracing the chaos.  You either embrace the crazy, or you become crazy.  If I really embrace the crazy, motherhood has the potential to make me more patient, more loving and more compassionate then I ever thought possible.  

so my mantra for motherhood is: embrace the chaos.  

We’ve all heard the saying, “kids will be kids”…and I’ve learned, it’s absolutely true -they will be.  And sometimes, if I’m being honest, their way is better.  They haven’t grown rigid and stubborn and impatient like I have over time.  They aren’t up-tight and rushed.  They just enjoy life.  They find delight in the simple things.  And after spending so many years wanting to be “grown-up”, I actually want to become like a child again.  So I’ve decided to let my kids teach me.  I’ve decided to learn from them, how to slow down, how to find joy in simplicity, and how to love extravagantly - for they do all these things so well.  

“So I’ve decided to let my kids teach me.”

It’s true, I need to teach them about some things, and I will.  But I think it would be a tragedy if I only spent their childhood years trying to teach them, without letting them in turn teach me.