Lauren + Jordan | Savour Session

Tammy and I had the honour of spending a day with these two remarkable people.  Lauren and Jordan are some of the most real, honest and authentic human beings I’ve ever met.  They are friends of mine, but spending the day with them made me see them even more clearly.  If I could say only one thing about Lauren and Jordan, it would be that they truly walk in love, and they love WELL.  They embrace and honour everyone they meet.  They make people feel at home wherever they are.  The love that Lauren and Jordan share is truly genuine, and increasingly deep.  I couldn’t help but feel the love that they shared that day as we followed them from home, to restaurants, to the beach.  For them it was just a normal day off.  

Tammy on when she arrived... 

I must say I was a little apprehensive when I arrived in the early morning to L&J's home. I had met them once or twice before and knew I would be walking into an intimate space where they were still sleeping. They had kindly left us notes, which instantly put me at ease. They had prepared for us, yes, I was in the right house. 

They are so clearly artists, with their feathers lining a string and coffee brew bottles on a sill. Once I had gotten the nerve, I opened the door to their bedroom and walked into a bright loving space with kittens running amok. I was gently and warmly welcomed.

I must say a huge thank you for the freedom these two gave Tamarah and I in sharing their lives with us. We are so grateful. Now we'll leave it to them to share about each other in their own words.

Jordan about Lauren:  

"When I look at you I see everything more clearly. You are a lens of beauty through which I now see the world. You bring clarity to life. A sharpness I swear I could almost cut myself on. My mind is clear when I’m with you. Nothing else matters. And yet, everything does. Your beauty cuts through every dull image begging for my attention and grips me with a fierce tenderness. I am undone and remade every time I look in your eyes. For I see love looking back at me. And not just “love”. Your love for me. The love that holds me up and makes me better. The love that whispers amid my weakness, “You are strong.” The love that makes every breath better than the one before. It is your love for me. It is your love. It is my love. It is ours."

Lauren about Jordan:

"I see you as love personified. I see you as love; not the emotion, but the action. You lay down your life. You submit yourself to others. You enter into whatever a person is walking in and you show them they are not alone. When a person encounters you, they are included. They are given the space to be vulnerable. They discover that they are valuable and important, they are set free. As your wife, I get to constantly live and move in this space that you create. The way I see you, you are a wall-crasher and a chain-breaker. You are love, and you are my love."

Jordan about Lauren:

"The first thing that attracted me to you was your kindness and genuine love for other people. It is the most attractive thing in the world. I think I’m pretty good at loving people, yet you inspire me to be better. To see another perspective. To forgive the dummies. To be less religious, and to not take things too seriously. To be silly and to dance. Your life is inspiration."

Lauren about Jordan:

"I can always count on you to remind me of who I really am, to go with me anywhere, to stand beside me in any circumstance, to kiss me and hold me and laugh with me. To speak to me in a made-up accent that would sound like childish nonsense to anyone else, but to me is a love language I didn’t know existed, but resonates deep in my heart."

"I see us living life fully. Holding your hand is still my favourite, and it always will be. I see us walking the streets of our neighbourhood greeting friends and strangers alike. I see us surrounded by young people sharing our stories. Our wealth will be in the memories we create, the life we build. I see us playing with our children and teaching them the ways of the Pan. Never, ever grow up. Stay young and free, and let no one shackle you with their narrow-mindedness. I see us old, and yet, still young. I see us standing on the hillside where we made known our love to the universe remembering and reliving. Everything has changed, and yet, nothing has. We are one."  

- Jordan