what my daughter taught me


I had a moment that changed me in regards to my body. Or maybe several moments after having my daughter. I've shared with a few people but feel this should be spoken out as loud as it can be.

So my story goes: I have two sons who are beautiful and lovely and warm my heart every day. they also shock my heart, but that's another story. When my third child arrived, and I had a little girl, I began to feel differently about myself. She was this perfect, chubby thighed, soft skinned, curvy little girl. Ever so different then my boys, in every single way. And I loved her. I adored her. I wanted to drink every part of her into me. I still do.


But mostly I never ever want her to think any less of herself. One day she will have a man loving her and I hope he admires her and adores her much more than I. And I hope she is able to accept and believe that.

so.. the question arose. How could I think that I am less than? That my tummy is a little too thick, feet constantly in need of a pedi, roots a little too long, under arm jiggle, the list goes on.

She's so amazing, and I'm her mother, and have such similar looks to her. Then does that mean I am amazing too? Can I apply those beautiful thoughts I have for her back to myself?


'So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him'

And my heavenly Father created me just as I should be. If I am in the image of God, I must be kind.

And Piper is just as she should be. I try to not speak badly of myself, I am certainly not perfect at this. But I will never let her think she needs to look any different than she does. She is perfection to me.

let me be more like this brave, strong, fearless soul. Oh how I love her.

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