bedtime routine

I spent the evening with this family of five to capture their bedtime routine. My hope is to keep them feeling relatively normal while capturing all their beauty and loveliness. Which was easy being that they love SO much.

It left me wondering, how can I leave feeling so full of love myself? How is it that love travels from one person to another, even if you aren’t the intended person? they are still with me, even now.

A father of sons.

This is one blessed man. With a wicked giggle, yes I do mean dad’s giggle. Of course, they’ve inherited his freedom to laugh. What’s a girl to do? capture it all in every sense. each joy, sorrow, and all the bruises in between.

A mother of boys.

What struck me most was her complete acceptance of who they are as individuals.  And how all three boys were celebrated, while carefully groomed and taught to be gentlemen.

You know, often people feel that it’s a shame when a mother has all boys, or a father has no sons. But there is no shame in this house. Instead of wishing a daughter for this mom, I am grateful for the mother she is to these boys.. she is the key.

These boys have her as their mom. She is their gift. She is so beautiful.


a well loved family of five.

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