love language

Since spending time with this family I haven't been able to let go of how they love. Of how good they love. I think it resonated with me so much because this mother and big sis's love language is similar to my own. Touch. Hands on, up close, cheek to cheek love. 

This brings a few things to mind for me. One is that not everyone loves this way, and that doesn't mean that their love lacks in any way. Because, if you think about it, not everyone receives love in this way. Everyone needs something and has something to give. Our hope and prayer is to see how each person and family loves in their own individual way. And to honour that. 

Have you read The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman? I think I've been thru it a few times and I always learn something new. We all love in different ways, and generally in the way we need to be loved. As I mentioned, I am a 'hands on' kinda girl but my hubby shows his love in the way he serves others. Because we are all so different, we need to look at those closest to us and serve them as they need and not how we want to.

I guess this is what makes relating and loving others so tricky. But if we don't come by it naturally I truly believe if we search deep enough we can find a way. 

This families love is so obvious. I can see it with my own eyes and it shouts out~ Come to me, you are welcome and free in my heart. I love you so so much. 

As photographers, this may be the easiest to capture. But all showings of love are worth sharing. Do you ever just dwell on your love language. How you best show it to your family, and how they show it to you? My kids are all so different and each needing love much differently. One with time, slow slow uninterrupted time. One with hugs and kisses just like momma. And one with attentive listening ears and words of affirmation. These are all worthy, because all kids are SO worthy. 

This day was peaceful. I think because this momma has such a calm and reassured presence. She knows she is loved and this allows her to trust and let go. She is there when her kiddos need her, each and every moment they need her, but also free to let them find their own way. 

What a wonderful way to grow up. Loved and able to love. It's a blessing and growing up in a similar home myself I didn't realize that not everyone has this. And this is why it's so important to bring attention to it. Because if we weren't in that home growing up, this is still a reachable gift to pass onto the next generation. Our hurts can end, fall to the floor, and we can rise above them. And like Tamarah said in a previous post that really truly struck me 'they've created a ceiling to act as a floor for their children'. Let us put down some strength in our own home floors to support the next generation.

And here~ this momma's mom, a support for her in these new days. And a helper for her little girls. Tender hands, unconditional love. What more could we ask for. So simple and yet so complete.

To love like this. This little sister is coming into a world where she is treasured. 

Let us share our love in the best way we can. Because He first loved us, and He will teach us how if we are open. Let us walk in a new way today and love someone first. Before they give us what we want. And maybe even love someone that seems unlovable. Someone that seems harsh and cold, and broken. Because love is the cure for those things, for hatred and bitterness. For entitlement and isolation. The action of loving someone, of truly putting their needs first and treating them as ourselves. It’s not easy, it’s a daily learning, and it requires an open heart. But I promise to walk alongside it with you. To make mistakes, to miss my opportunity, but to try. It’s not perfection, it’s effort.

come, lean in with me. 

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