The Joy of Remembering

I've always loved Christmas time, its filled with all kinds of nostalgic memories for me from my childhood. There are certain songs, smells and traditions that bring me back, as though I were standing in  my parents living room again, reliving it all.  Now that I have kids of my own, my husband I thought it was important to discuss what kinds of traditions and memories we want to pass down to our children around the season of Christmas.  

We decided that we really wanted to pass down memories and moments that were built upon spending time together rather then the highlight to be the gifts on Christmas morning.  Not that we won't do that, but we decided that our value before spending money on the BEST gifts, is to create memories around connection, and remembering the birth of Jesus, our Saviour.  

This was a super fun and magical day for us.  Tammy's family and mine hit the road and drove out to Mason Tree Farms, we took photos of each other's families picking out our Christmas trees, and cutting them down.  This is one of those traditions that we hope to keep going each year - picking out and cutting down our own tree.  

I think if we're not intentional in choosing how we're going to remember the Christmas season that we can forget what's really important to us.  For my family this isn't so much about picking out a tree to bring home to decorate as it is to keep ourselves aware of what's most important throughout the season - to choose connection and love and create memories built around that.  I don't want my children to get caught up in the gift-giving (though I love gift giving - it's my love language), I want them to look forward to more than just gifts at Christmas time.  I want them to look forward to connection and memories filled with family time.  

So here's to all our Christmas seasons, may they be filled with many joyful and connected moments with those you love most. 

Xoxo, Tamarah

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