preparing for your documentary session

I recently sent a new inquiry to our Meraki + Light blog. Sometimes I wonder what others will think, will they like us? should I just please them to get the booking. Wow, it’s a little frightening writing this truth down. 

But I do wonder that, so I took a glance around our website. And ya know what I found, truth and beauty. And it reassured me that this is what I want. And that it doesn’t need to be a fit for everyone, and it doesn’t need to be a fit for other photographers, it just needs to be a fit for me and my family. And is it ever! I am so completed in this work. And the families we have served to this point fill me to the brim with happiness.

I can’t believe this is my life.

Today, I wanted to give you some pointers about preparing for your own family session with Meraki + Light.

I recently was put in front of the lens and it’s not as easy as I thought. Here’s why…

1.  We are all a little (or a lot) self-conscious. 

2.  We think a little too much about what to wear and how we look, rather than how well we love

3.  We want perfection ~ from our family. and I really don’t like to admit this last one

So, here’s how I encountered these:

1) Take the time to fill out those questionnaires we send. They will put you in the right headspace first and foremost. And that is key.

2) Go ahead, arrange your clothing. Lay it out on the bed a few days prior. Make sure it goes together. It’ll make you feel better so just do it! This really is about feeling good, give yourself permission to get organized (for those type A’s like myself)

I may have done a little prep work, obviously... 

I may have done a little prep work, obviously... 

3) Give your kids a break. They are just being kids, and let them! That’s what makes these photos so brilliant. Kids being kids. And the messier and longer we stay, the better it gets. They don’t time out, the parents do. The kids just relax and enjoy. Grab a glass of wine, put your feet up, and let us carry on. We’ll focus our attention on the kids for a bit and you can chill. That’s when the magic happens anyway, once you let your guard down. 

4) trust us. lean in. let go. we believe in you

Don’t forget, some of this isn’t about now but ten years from now. Go back 10 yrs, flip thru pics, are you grateful or sad that you have moments captured? maybe your sad that you have no moments captured. I haven’t met anyone that would regret capturing their true connections with their kids at this point in life. And then looking back at them in 10, 20, 30, years. What a gift.

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