why partnership is a good idea

I want to take some time to get gut-wrenching real with all of you.  I want to talk about Meraki + Light, specifically my partnership with Tammy, and the concept of partnership.  So far this journey has been one of the most amazing, and life-giving journey’s I’ve ever been on.  But I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t had it’s challenges, most of them being facing my own shortcomings over and over again.  

I’ve heard a lot of people say that partnerships always end in disaster.  And honestly, I’ve witnessed it more than once. But here’s what I’m finding to be true.  

Partnerships are hard work.  

This is true of any partnership - marriage, friendships, family.  But if you are willing to put in all the hard, courageous, gut-wrenching work, then partnerships can actually be quite amazing, and do what few other things have the power to do - make us holy.


In our culture we’ve so glorified independence that we’ve put it on a pedestal as the pinnacle of freedom and success.  But we couldn’t be more wrong. 

Independence, though it seems to lead to freedom, actually only leads to a superficial version of freedom, full of self praise and self gratification, which in the end can neither satisfy or fulfill us.  But God is teaching me of a deeper kind of freedom that is full of life and wholeness, it’s a freedom that is only found in partnership, and believe me - it’s hard. 

It means choosing to die to my selfishness, my pride, my pity, my need for control.  But oh, is it ever freeing.  Partnership, when done in love, can aid in making us the best versions of ourselves.  I have never been so confronted with the ugliness inside of me as I have in partnership.  And here is the beautiful thing that I am learning - it’s actually a gift.  Everytime I’m confronted with the ugliness inside of me, (be it control, selfishness, pride), I have a choice, I can let it live and continue to reek havoc in my life, or I can choose in that moment, to surrender it to Jesus, and let it’s power over me die.  And every time I choose to surrender it to Jesus, it looses another inch of it’s grip on me. 

I get to choose freedom.  I get to choose love.  

And this is why I believe partnership can actually be the best thing.  This is why I believe in marriage, this is why I’ve committed my life to others, and this is why I will not stop being real and vulnerable with those I love.  Because through it, I’m being made holy, and through it I’m learning to truly love more fully then I ever thought possible.  Partnership is forcing me to be courageous.  Partnership is teaching me to communicate bravely and with love.  Partnership is opening doors for me to walk in a freedom I’ve only dreamt of.  

The truth is, we need each other. 

We need partnership.  Because without partnership, we just stay the same, or worse, we go deeper and deeper into our independent, self gratifying bubble, void of true life, freedom and joy.  I’m beginning to understand, that community and partnership was always God’s perfect plan, because it’s the only way to truly make us holy. 

Tamarah HodgsonComment