A Hope-filled Lake Session

This family session moved me (Tamarah) in so many ways.  Maybe even more then I anticipated.  But from the moment I started to ask Holy Spirit what He saw over this family, I knew our time with them would mark me.  And it did.  From every word that came from Abba's heart, to the way our time with them played out, I was left amazed.  Amazed at the beautiful story this family carries, amazed at the goodness and kindness of God within their story and astounded by their incredible strength and depths of love.  This family carries so much more then meets the eye, and on this night, Tammy and I got just a glimpse of the wonder that lies within their story.  It's a story of hope, a story of remarkable strength, and a story of undeniable beauty...much like the vast and breath-taking expanses we took in that night as we ventured to the top of hills and journeyed on rugged trails.  I am in awe.  I am so in awe.  

We asked mom and dad some questions. There answers speak loudly of their own families truth.

What we would want our kids to remember about us:

'To always LOVE, no matter what and to have FAITH that God will guide them.   

That generosity is important. To give more than you receive and that its not about what you have or don't have in life its how much you give that matters.'


I (Tammy) have known this family for quite some time, and I've seen God's work in our lives as we travel these wild roads along side each other. I am overjoyed that we are together in each other's lives still! And because of what we've shared, my faith has only grown stronger and stronger. Our stories bind us, and no one can take that away. 

We really got to observe this family. Live along side them, and see how they roll. We took away bravery, and the hope that we could bless our own little clans with some similar adventures. We went quading and dirt biking to some of the most beautiful views we've seen in a while.  We even sat on the front of the quad, holding on to each other for dear life!  It was a night of firsts for both of us!  

There is so much beauty in what we say about each other. Even if we are prompted by our two photographers, it is still SO important to speak over each other in love!

From a husband to wife: she is a loving, caring wife, mother and friend

and from a wife to her husband: he is like a rock...no actually more like a mountain. Tall, strong, steady, unbreakable, through the winds, rains and storms of life remains firm through it all.

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