teach me to fly

what a family passes down. Love; hospitality, generosity, faith. Generation after generation, we are taught how to love. 


After this day, I left with a yearning to teach these to my own little people. And when you spend a day with a family that wholly encompasses these, it's easy to learn. 


what joy they carry! a closeness, an awareness of each other. Their strengths and weaknesses, and together they are able to fill in all the spaces in-between. Together they make up one body, one family, one FULL ability to fly. 


Theirs is also a gift of service. We were included at their family table, served first with food that truly nourished us. It was a family effort, preparing a meal with their own hands. Taking time and putting love into each step. Then this is passed on to each other and us. It's a spiritual practice to take time to prepare and you can feel it. They receive a fullness greater than just full tummy's. A fullness in love.


does your heart ever grumble while serving others? mine does. I must admit, a bit of shame rose in me while writing this post. Do you ever roll your eyes when your child asks for that third glass of water... or for the sippy cup sitting right in front of them? I sure do. 

This is why I am moved to write about this family. They just served. They prepared, and served, and didn't grumble. No ones perfect, I know that. But they seemed as though this way was habit. Normal, not strained. To serve others, its' their family's way. 

There is much to learn from each other. My prayer is to be humble enough to receive it. 


Sometimes we can be so short-sited, I (Tamarah) know this to be true of myself.  But this family has done what so many of us forget to do.  They've thought beyond teaching themselves, and their children.  They've passed something of worth down to their grandchildren.  They've lived lives of such intention and love, and their story has been written over and over and over again.  Not only that, but they've created a ceiling to act as a floor for their children and their grandchildren so that they could go farther then they ever could have.  What a beautiful way to live.  This has also become my goal, to not only think of what my children will gain from how I live, but what my grandchildren will someday gain from how I live.  

My hope and dream is that someday my grandchildren will do the things I only dreamed of doing.  What if our stories didn't end with us, or begin with us, but they were and are the continuing of legacy after legacy.  What if we taught a generation how to love and serve, and how to give themselves fully to those who would come after them, and honour those who came before them?  What if we set them up for every dream and possibility we ever longed to see happen in our day?  

My desire is that my kids and my grandkids someday will surpass me.  That they will dream bigger and accomplish more because I loved and honoured them in a way that they believed nothing is impossible.  

This family, through their beautiful story, spoke of such things to me.  


Let the children play... Tamarah and I love when this happens. Those kids found freedom and made up games. Sure, their parents were calling them, but I was grateful this request was ignored! I think they really thought their parents were fooled. A childlike faith. 


We ended our night with dessert, and more love and laughter by the fire.  It was the perfect time to soak the day in, and reflect on all the sweetness and care that is shared between this family.  Everything about our time with them felt like home.  There was so much rest, so much joy and the overwhelming feeling of safety.  Thank you, to your beautiful family for teaching us so much about leaving a legacy. 


may goodness and love follow you each and every day of your life.