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This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it.


Our lives are the unfolding of a remarkable story - a journey that not only involves us, but also our loved ones.  Like tree rings, we grow layer upon layer, leaving a legacy of love behind.  And within these layers there are cracks - pain, loss, brokenness.  Our hope is that in the midst of these cracks your rings would keep on growing, that your love, though forever left marked by these cracks would continue on and that your story wouldn’t end in pain, but that hopeb nnn and love would continue to grow from your lives, leaving you with the most beautiful story to share.  

And just like these tree rings, we hope that we can become part of your story, part of carrying on hope and love.  Because your story is too beautiful to be left untold.



I believe in the power of love, and the beauty of family.

I believe in living life honestly and authentically, and portraying that in every image I capture.  Beautiful and messy, full of laughter and tears - our stories are moments strung together to create a beautiful tapestry. I believe in telling honest stories, that portray the emotions we feel but are ever running toward love.  

I believe in leaving a legacy, and loving whole-hearted. I believe love is a choice to show up every day for those we call our own. It’s sacrificial and undeniably hard, but has the power to heal and empower.

If you believe these things too, let’s meet, and create something beautiful together.


photos by my dear friend Tammy Zdunich.

Hey! I’m Tamarah.  

First I’m a daughter of God - created by Him, and recklessly loved by Him. He’s the reason I have this drive to create and love. Next, I’m a wife to the man who stands by me through it all + mother to my 3 incredible children. I believe in showing up for the ones we love, and that loving my family and building community is my first calling.

I’m passionate about finding a way to live simply and minimally (I’m so not there yet), and I love cooking nourishing, delicious food for my family and friends.

Jesus has everything to do with who I am today.  He literally pulled my life up out of the pits.  I don't believe in judging others, but am choosing to give my life to love like Jesus loves: whole-heartedly, unconditionally.

As your photographer, I want to help you see your loved ones more clearly through the lens of love, and I want to capture the hope that you already carry and simply magnify it for you. I want to help you dream of the most beautiful life and see how beautiful your life already is.  





I’m Brittany. My purpose in life is to tell people’s stories. A lover of moments, memories and thoughts, I capture them through my gift of visual storytelling. Those fleeting moments, the ones that go by in a heartbeat, those are the moments I want to capture. I want to tell your story how it truly is. I won’t pull out a stale shot list and pose you — I’ll capture you and your loved ones as you are, raw and real.




video has the ability to stop time...

It’s our instinct to hide the brushstrokes, put on a mask and tuck ourselves behind a facade. But not only is perfection an unrealistic representation of our day-to-day, it’s not compelling. We don’t love people despite their vulnerabilities, we love them because of them. These are the things that make us special, the things that make your family unique.

Your authenticity will shine through on the camera, creating a living memory that isn’t static. This piece will mean different things to you at different times. The past isn’t fixed, it changes with the lens of time and reflection. It changes with your future and your current course. Let’s document your life and create a treasured keepsake that will grow and evolve with you.



Our grow sessions are our shorter sessions usually 1-3 hours in length.  These sessions will give you a taste of what we do for our Whole-hearted Sessions.  They are meant to capture small parts of your story, significant moments from your day.  For some this is those early hours of the morning as you sit and sip your coffee while reading a book on the porch with your loved one, or maybe it's a walk to the park with your family, or all those sweet giggly and snuggly moments before bedtime.  Whatever it is that's dear to your heart, we want to capture all those honest, beautiful pieces of it.  For PRICING head to our INVESTMENT page.  


WHOLE-HEARTED SESSIONS are the HEART, and the SOUL behind what we do.  CONNECTION is the focus, and we will provide you with tools and prompts ahead of time to connect with your loved ones.  These sessions are not for someone who is looking for perfectly posed photos, it's true we may take a few of those, but that is not our focus.  We want to spend as much time with you as possible - for it's when you're relaxed and completely "at home" that the magic happens.  

WHOLE-HEARTED SESSIONS are our 6 hour - 24 hour sessions, and our one hour a month for a year or two hours a month for a year sessions. 

Our heart is to get to spend plenty of time with your family, and not only capture all the beauty of your story, but let our lives become beautifully intertwined as we exchange our strength and our light with one another.  These sessions also include journaling prompts and beautiful heirloom books or albums with your images and words. 

For PRICING please head to our INVESTMENT page. 

Not from the area?  That's ok, we love to travel! 



Your love story is beautiful, valueable and rare.  There is no other story like yours.  Very simply put, we want to capture your rare, and beautiful love story.  We are passionate about capturing your connection, whether that be through laughter, touch or walking through your favourite park together.  We simply want you to BE.  Be connected to the love of your life, and the ones you love who came to celebrate it all with you.  We want you to spend your day soaking up all the beauty that is within your love story.  We want you to think of your day as a seamless event, full of loving moments and timeless memories.  We want to capture all the beautiful pauses that are so full of life and love.  We want to capture your CONNECTION and the truest version of your story. 

If this sounds like your kind of way of capturing your wedding day, we'd LOVE to hear from you!!  We work as a team, both of us have captured weddings solo for years, so you get the strength of two photographers  instead of just one!  Our 2019 wedding packages start at $3100 (+tax). 

Looking for a videographer too?  Our girl Brittany is truly incredible at telling stories of connection, and our favourite thing is to work as a team of THREE.  Photo + Videography packages for 2019 start at $5100 (+tax).  

What matters to you, matters to us. We'd love to capture your day and honour your love story.


Love Art sessions are spending time with your significant other, being your best selves. Somewhere you feel connected, without expectation of anything but beautiful engagement.

'We are astounded by the love we've witnessed. It's an honour to learn so much from our LoveArt couples and see how their love transforms our own marriages. They came and gave deeply of one another, without reservation or expectation. None of this was posed, it was all them being fully connected to one another.' A quote from our blog


Hello. This is Maria. Manuel's mom....
Wow, I have no words right now to describe how thankful and full of joy I feel with your instantaneous and your words... A kind of tears coming in my eyes. I barely can see the screen....
Just feeling grateful about your work. Is beautiful what you do...
Meraki + Light is more than soul, creativity and love. It is magical people that gives you an amazing chapter framed in your life and you will keep it forever...
I just want to thank you Tammy and Tamarah... You got me speechless!...


“I just walked in the door exhausted from a 12 hour shooting day, and I could not wait to pop your USB into my comp!! Honestly I was brought to tears again, which has NEVER happened before. These images are AMAZING! Absolutely PRICELESS. You have captured my family absolutely perfectly, not missing a single thing. There are soo many things that I LOVE about them. You capture our love, chaos, laughs, snuggles, and honestly everything in between. You are gifted beyond words. Truly I cannot thank you enough!! Please Please keep a standing booking for this type of session for my family every single year. I want you to document our lives as we navigate this crazy life.”

– Carrie Gauthier




"The moments that these ladies captured in the small amount of time they spent with my family were so special to Garrett and I. These are the moments that are worth keeping. The simplicity of real life is what really makes these pictures beautiful. Thank you!"

Lindsey Tetarenko












Move me???!!!!??? Are you kidding...they completely melted me!!!! You two are absolutely AMAZING, God has given you both such amazing talent and the fact that you are following HIS guidance and bringing this kind of love and beauty to families in this way is SUCH a huge blessing, you have no idea!!



Tammy, it was wonderful to have you as our photographer. You captured the essence of who we are and what we wanted for our special moment.

Thank you so very much!

Leo Liendo & Leah Frei