CONNECTION - Lethbridge AB session


There are seasons in our life. Seasons where friends are our full focus, before we have families of our own. And in that time, generally our early twenties, we make friendships that stand the test of time. And when we reunite it is full of stories and reminiscing. And when it's with Rhegan it is sure to be full of hilarious stories of our youth.

When Rhegan called and asked Tamarah and I to photograph her family, I jumped at the chance to see her. We don't live in the same city so she doesn't get to know how desperately I love her. I don't get to hug her and we can share our hearts like we used to. The moment I see her it's like I'm seeing a sister.


When you care for someone deeply, meeting their kids and man is like meeting another part of them. Watching them interact, laugh together, hearing their stories. I needed it. I needed to hear how her life was, I needed to know the good and the hard. I needed to see the way Evan touches her face and supports her.

Our lives go on, whether or not we are together. But we are never separate. Because she owns apart of my heart.

Take care my girl.