Art for your SOUL


What is all this SOUL SESSION talk about?  We want to tell you.  It's a new way.  It's a new way of thinking about photos, about art, about creating.  It's a movement birthed in community.  Almost a year ago a journey began with our dear, talented friend Chelsea of Chelsea Klette Photography.  Creatively thirsty for more, we let our hearts come together and dream.  All of us passionate about moving beyond "just taking photos" we poured our hearts out, and as we did this, SOUL SESSIONS were birthed.  We brought our clients together for a beautiful night of shooting, it was thrilling, and beautiful beyond words - just ask them.  And something happened deep within each of us.  We realized we couldn't go back.  We couldn't go back to shooting without SOUL.  We couldn't go back to shooting without INTENTION.  We couldn't go back to shooting without PUSHING the limits of LOVE.  So forever changed, we're moving forward, and we're building our businesses upon SOUL, INTENTION, and LOVE.  We're choosing to take what we birthed in creative community, and keep giving it life, and sharing the life we found in SOUL SESSIONS.

Not only have we found our hearts overflowing, but we've seen the GREAT IMPACT these sessions have had for our clients.  We've seen breakthrough happen, we've seen them cry as their very heart is captured.  We want to weave together the most beautiful, honest, stories - the stories of your heart, and SOUL.  This is why we can't go back to "just taking photos".  Our lives were meant to share the gold hidden within others, and push ourselves and others to love more fiercely, more freely, more fully.  

Some words from this beautiful couple: 

"After 7 years of marriage, we've walked through a lot of dark valleys with one another. It's easy to get caught up in life and move through each season, without really pausing for connection; not really experiencing life but just trying to survive it. Tammy and Tamarah came along our path ever so timely. 

After just coming through what was one of our hardest seasons...we made a conscious and unified decision to restart, to be all in, and toss away the "this is how we used to do it" mindset; ultimately shifting the direction of our relationship. The Soul Session was a part of our marriage recovery. We saw the session as an investment in "us."   We gained more than just photos from this session. It was an hour for us to physically be near each other, connecting, without any expectations. An hour to remember our "why". As I look at the photos heart whispers, "this is us - raw, messy, vulnerable, enduring and unapologetic." The photos weren't a façade or counterfeit; trying to display the perfect relationship. Let's face it... all relationships carry with them dysfunction.  Instead, they accurately portrayed us; the real us.

Tammy and Tamarah have a true gift. They have the ability to create a platform for you to find connection. Whether it be with your spouse, family or within yourself. They were able to ease us into the session and made us feel as though we had known them for years.  Even in the midst of a deep soul session,  we still had plenty of time for laughter and a little humour. We can't thank them enough for being instrumental in our journey."

Wholehearted Families

It's interesting when you capture families over many years. You spend a lot of time observing and learning about people and how they behave together. It's the absolute most beautiful thing, and for years our cups have overflowed with the connections we've gotten to witness. 

We've learned that each family is unique, and love looks different between them. This is ok and also so very important. Our M+L desire is to capture love within a family in the most honest and authentic way possible. To honour their individual connections and help them to feel safe with us. 

Some of our families are ALL hands on, I relate well as this is how I connect best! Cuddlers and kissers, it's so easy to see their connection. But not all people are touchy feely, some express their love through words. They love to say how beautiful you look, or thank you for all you do for them. Others are happiest to do acts of service, a parent pushing their child on a swing or doing the dishes to ease their loved ones work load. Maybe inviting friends over that they know YOU love. You see, they are doing it for YOU, and that is how they bless you.

As photographers, we want to know you and your family. We don't want to just take you picture, we want the picture we take to be your heart + soul. We want the photos to enrich and bless your lives, we want them to show your love in a very tangible way. We want you to feel MOVED at the very sight of them.

This is our deep desire and it does mean we have to work very hard to achieve this. It comes with asking you many questions and always 'keeping our love on' when we hear the answers. It means we need to create a safe space for you. And we desperately want to do this for you.

In every moment we are choosing to move closer to each other, or to expand the divide.

What does it mean to be wholehearted? I've asked myself this recently, here's your answer!

Wholehearted - Having no reservations; having unconditional and enthusiastic support

Wow, wholehearted is an amazing way to love. No reservations, blocks, or fear. Just unconditional enthusiastic support! Can you even imagine? Only God loves perfectly, but we can try our best! I feel like I should write this down and carry it in my purse. How can I love wholeheartedly? How I be supportive of my child no matter what? How can I let my flaws show so they don't feel so alone in theirs. How can I simply love them better? 

As I write this I am reminded of grace. That simple word that covers a multitude of sin. Have grace towards yourself and others. Forgive them + forgive yourself. 

I may have gotten off track but here's the thing... when we witness your love, it looks so beautiful to us. When you let go and be vulnerable in our presence, the gift is joy and connection. And in that moment we can snag the treasures of your heart, in a photo. 

xo Tammy + Tamarah

Kat + Matt, the wedding

There is something profound about the way these two see others. It's as though they see straight into their hearts and nothing distracts them from who others are.  We were reminded moment after moment that these two truly see the gold in those around them, and they pull it out.  It's such an honour to capture the love of two people who are not only outwardly beautiful, but also who carry such deep beauty within.  Together they honoured each person who contributed to their day.  Whole-heartedly they poured out their love.  They are the kind of people that remind us why we do what we do.  It's about loving like Jesus loves.  At the end of the day, it's not just the photographs and the moments shared for us - it's so much more.  Thank you Matt + Kat for reminding us why we do this.  Thank you for being such bright and beautiful lights in this world.  And thank you for inviting us into the beautiful love that you've created together - it was such an honour!  

Do prints matter?

I’m sure you have a smart-phone and take plenty of photos of your growing family.  From there you probably post your favourite memories on Facebook or Instagram.  But let me ask you something…what IF Facebook and Instagram no longer exist when your kids are grown up.  What will THEY have to look back on?  Will they have photos and words to hold in their hands or just their memories and your no longer existent Instagram feed to help them remember?  Will they have anything to pass on to their kids, your grand-kids?  I know, we live in a digital world, but have we lost touch with the tangible?  

Here’s another thought.  Maybe you take a lot of photos of your kids and you PLAN on printing them - great!!  But how many of those pictures also include their mom?  Or their dad?  Do the photos you have tell the story of their childhood, and your lives together?   What if you could give them a gift beyond just remembering from memory, but actually re-visiting their childhood through photos and words?  What if they had your love toward them written down, alongside photos that told the rest of the story?  

Have you ever read a letter from your mother, full of her love toward you and wished she hadn’t taken the time to do that?  Have you ever found a photo of yourself, wrapped in your mother’s loving arms and wished it hadn’t been taken?  I’m guessing not.  Or maybe you don’t have any memories like this from your mother, but deep down there’s this longing to love your kids like this - to leave tangible, hold-in-your hands memories for them to treasure.  The kind of tangible memories that teach your own children to be incredible mothers and fathers to their own kids, and pass down a legacy of love.  

As we’ve thought about this very thing, we’ve found our hearts longing to move toward a print-focused business.  We don’t want facebook albums full of our photos, we want gorgeous leather-bound, paper albums to hold in our hands.  We want our kids to hold our family stories in their hands, and pass them down.  In addition, both Tammy and I are working toward being more connected and “in-the-present” with our kids, giving our all, to be connected, whole-soul loving kind of families!  And that’s what we want for you too.  Think about it, at the end of all your time here on earth…what is going to matter?  It’s going to be your family relationships, the things you accomplished TOGETHER, the legacy you left behind because you invested in LOVE, in CONNECTION, in building a GENERATION that lives from a deeper place.  This is what WE want, and we’re pretty sure, that there are at least a good handful of you out there that want this too.  So let’s make beautiful, connected stories together, printed and passed down.  The kind of stories that make this world a more beautiful, loving place.  

OH, and we have these amazing sessions available now called "WHOLE-HEARTED"...It's all about those of you who seek to be vulnerable and connected to your loved ones.  Our heart during these sessions is to capture your family for ONE HOUR every MONTH for ONE tell your connection story.  Along with it, we'll have prompts for you to journal, and grow in your connection as a family, and at the very end you'll get the most gorgeous bound book with your words and images beautifully telling the story of your year!!  For more info, head to our INVESTMENT page or send us an email at!! 

Xoxo, Tamarah + Tammy