15on15canada NOVEMBER!

I am SO exited for this month's #15on15canada! We have an amazing line-up, lots of new Canadian talent! And guess what else... we have a theme this month, MOTION. 

If you're new to our 15on15, here's the lowdown: community focused photographers from across Canada have joined to share a little of our personal lives with you. Photographing our own lives to bring us back home during an intense photography season. We will capture some of our own everyday and even experiment a little! This month we decided on the theme motion, we have also asked that each photographer do a 'self portrait' in the theme! I cannot wait to see what everyone does!

Here's my motion experiment... honestly this was so much fun! Just a little push to create, no makeup and dirty hair, who cares! Take 5 minutes today and create!

Tag #15on15canada so we can see!

This group just keeps growing and becoming better. In every way we are learning to collaborate stronger, create deeper, and communicate bravely. 

 As soon as we chose our theme this month, I was thinking about #motion at every shoot I did. Here are a few from our recent Meraki+Light wedding!

And also our mini's sessions on Friday. Tamarah and I often speak about pushing ourselves harder, and reaching further in our craft. It's amazing to create a community that does this for us as well. I'd encourage you all to take part, start posting your own images and use the hashtag #15on15canada so we can meet you too!

I'd love if you would visit the Toths blog to see their 15on15!! I am so honoured to have both Sancia + Mitchell joining us! They are incredible Canadian artists, passionate + brave, dedicated to what they believe in. My heart hopes I will meet them one day! 

xo Tammy Enjoy!


Connection: letting go

I've gained much in listening to friends with older kids. Friends that can walk with you in parenthood and teach you all those hard things they've learned. And in teaching you, they help lift you to the level that they are on.

The hardest thing I've had to learn, and will forever be learning, is how to let go

From the moment that tiny little baby arrives earthside, we begin the process of 'letting go'. The little munchkin starts to move, and slowly but surely they begin to move away from us. And if they feel secure enough they may crawl a few steps, and thankfully they usually crawl right back to mom + dad. I love that as hard as letting go is, there are gentle nudges and stretches along the way. We don't have to face this all at once.

I read a beautiful book my friend gifted little Piper. In it is a page that brings me to tears every time. 

One day you will look at this house, and wonder
how something that feels so big can look so small
— Someday by Alison McGhee

The homes we've created for our kids feel so BIG! In fact, they hold everything in their little worlds. How quickly this changes as school, friends, courtship, all come into play. They move on from our homes, they create their own homes, and we will need to be ok with this. We don't get to keep them.

  But we can be a soft place for them to land, and this is a beautiful thing.

 But we can be a soft place for them to land, and this is a beautiful thing.

My focus has always been on keeping a strong love connection with my kids. So how does this work with letting go? Aren't those kind of opposites? yes and no. For me, a strong bond means letting go is easier for everyone. I believe if they know how amazing they are, and how important they are, they can move forward with confidence. 

We do not choose who our kids are or who they will become. We can only choose if we will love them despite our differences. Differences can be good or bad, but these little people will become their own people no matter what we do.  In my 'letting go' process I've decided to build a strong rooted foundation to lift them up, and then encourage them to become who they were made to be. 

Point your kids in the right direction—
when they’re old they won’t be lost.
— Proverbs 22:6 The Message

I think the hardest part is watching them make mistakes. And I haven't even reached the teenage years. But the lovely thing is, I will be ready when they come. Because we don't birth teenagers, we birth babies. And God's plan is perfect in how He let's us start at the beginning and grow with them. We need not worry about this process, but trust in it. 

Build up a community around you to offer you support in these hard things. Share your fears while you break bread together. 

I am loving, leaning in, and listening to others as they guide me through the art of letting go. 

Thank you to the lovely Leane + Keely for modelling this 'letting go' and to Leane for being my 'sister' in motherhood. 




the sweetest gender reveal

It was love at first site, and I don't mean for them. I mean, the moment I met these two I fell in love with their connection and love story.

They both have such light in their eyes, and they shared vulnerably with me. So full of affection and kindness.

so.... any takers confident to guess the gender ~ wink wink. Yes, it's a GIRL.

I can also confidently say that she will be well loved.

CONNECTION Looks Different For Everyone

I was having a conversation with a good friend last week, talking about Meraki + Light, and what Tammy and I do.  As we were discussing mine and Tammy’s vision, “pursuers of connection”, he mentioned that he noticed that in a lot of our work our clients seem very “touchy”, and asked if this is something we expect for our sessions.  A very good question, I thought, which led me to write this post. 

The thing is, connection looks different for everyone.  We don’t all connect over snuggles by the fire, or by gazing into one another's eyes.  It’s true, each family, each couple is unique in how they connect.  Being the word junkie that I am, I went ahead and looked up the definition of “connection”.  It means:  how we relate to or become one with someone.  So most simply, we are really passionate about capturing how you relate with your spouse, your kids, your loved ones.  The big question here is, “what makes you feel ONE with your spouse?  What makes you feel ONE with your kids?  You know those moments when all you can think about is the very moment you are in, and how good the unity or “oneness” you feel with that person feels in that moment?  What gets you there?  Is it a good conversation?   Is it a long walk by the river?  Or is it being tickled until you laugh, until you cry?  

It’s these things, that we truly long to capture, and preserve for you - because aren’t these the moments we want to remember for all our days?

So if you’ve ever looked at our work and thought, “we’re not touchy-feely enough for this” - great, we don’t want you to be!  We want to capture what connection looks like for you, for your family.  We aren’t looking for you to pretend you’re that touchy-feely family when you’re not.  If you connect by getting out into the great outdoors, then we want to explore with you!  If you connect by telling funny jokes and stories, then great - we want to hear your best ones!  If you connect by sharing a good conversation with the one you love, then great, we want to give you the space and the freedom to be FULLY yourselves.

Our whole heart and passion behind being “pursuers of connection” is that these are the places that healthy, whole families are built.  When we learn to love well, and foster our connection, our relationships flourish.  Sometimes this means pushing for the connection that makes your husband feel loved, or vice versa.  You see, for us, this is so much more then just photographs.  We really care about your families being healthy, whole and full of connection.  We really care about telling your story in it’s truest form.  We want to create something with you that is authentic, something that you’re proud to pass down to your children and your children’s children.  

In the end, our stories are all about how we connected with those we loved.