Wholehearted Families

It's interesting when you capture families over many years. You spend a lot of time observing and learning about people and how they behave together. It's the absolute most beautiful thing, and for years our cups have overflowed with the connections we've gotten to witness. 

We've learned that each family is unique, and love looks different between them. This is ok and also so very important. Our M+L desire is to capture love within a family in the most honest and authentic way possible. To honour their individual connections and help them to feel safe with us. 

Some of our families are ALL hands on, I relate well as this is how I connect best! Cuddlers and kissers, it's so easy to see their connection. But not all people are touchy feely, some express their love through words. They love to say how beautiful you look, or thank you for all you do for them. Others are happiest to do acts of service, a parent pushing their child on a swing or doing the dishes to ease their loved ones work load. Maybe inviting friends over that they know YOU love. You see, they are doing it for YOU, and that is how they bless you.

As photographers, we want to know you and your family. We don't want to just take you picture, we want the picture we take to be your heart + soul. We want the photos to enrich and bless your lives, we want them to show your love in a very tangible way. We want you to feel MOVED at the very sight of them.

This is our deep desire and it does mean we have to work very hard to achieve this. It comes with asking you many questions and always 'keeping our love on' when we hear the answers. It means we need to create a safe space for you. And we desperately want to do this for you.

In every moment we are choosing to move closer to each other, or to expand the divide.

What does it mean to be wholehearted? I've asked myself this recently, here's your answer!

Wholehearted - Having no reservations; having unconditional and enthusiastic support

Wow, wholehearted is an amazing way to love. No reservations, blocks, or fear. Just unconditional enthusiastic support! Can you even imagine? Only God loves perfectly, but we can try our best! I feel like I should write this down and carry it in my purse. How can I love wholeheartedly? How I be supportive of my child no matter what? How can I let my flaws show so they don't feel so alone in theirs. How can I simply love them better? 

As I write this I am reminded of grace. That simple word that covers a multitude of sin. Have grace towards yourself and others. Forgive them + forgive yourself. 

I may have gotten off track but here's the thing... when we witness your love, it looks so beautiful to us. When you let go and be vulnerable in our presence, the gift is joy and connection. And in that moment we can snag the treasures of your heart, in a photo. 

xo Tammy + Tamarah