Alex + Jesse


Arriving at Alex + Jesse's was akin to being fully immersed in one's soul. They do not hold back who they are, they are fully themselves. I am so glad that I made the trek to their city to spend time with them. I can honestly say that it is a time I will never forget.

Jesse and Alex are both heart people. What I mean when I say 'heart' is that they felt safe to both embrace me and show me their true selves. During our time together they wore their 'hearts on their sleeves'. 

Alex's playing the guitar + singing is what he does, he holds the most freedom I have ever seen in a man. He serenades her, and pursues her, but nothing he does compromises himself. He should teach about how he honours himself while serving, so beautifully, the woman he loves.

Oh I just get goosebumps looking back on our time together!

Jesse is an art curator, and I do believe this is what first connected her to us. She is making waves while courageously 'opening people eyes to the beauty in the world' (Alex's words). She does this both through her enthusiasm for art and her gift for finding the beauty in everyday life. 

Jesse is such an intelligent woman, her eyes just light up as she shares about her passions. And her eyes sparkle when Alex pursues her, which is all the time! These two are simply magnificient!

I watched them cook, dance, sing, laugh, and connect deeply during our hour long session. I know the love I witnessed will affect me for a lifetime, it's amazing that two people can give so much of themselves in such a short time. 

I cannot wait for your wedding J+A, I simply cannot. xo Tammy