beauty in the ordinary


There is nothing I quite like more than observing a loving emotive family, full of connection. For me, a photoshoot should feel like a visit with old friends. Simply encouraging them to be themselves, smiling and laughing while the kids entertain us. 


With all our guards let down, the family is free to reveal the most honest parts of themselves. When I am really doing my job, this is what we all feel. The most frequent comment I get is that I make people feel at ease. I don't ask anything of them, and in this space they really flourish.


I suppose I should expand on 'I don't ask anything of them'... I may ask you to share secrets with each other, or play a kissing game, I may ask you to praise each other, but all in all you are encouraged to do so from the most honest place of your heart. Your truest place, your most vulnerable place. This could possibly be the hardest thing for you to do. 

But I ask you, does saying what you love about each other - even if it's hard - ever cause harm? Does filling yourself up with love, and expressing it, simply just ruin your day ? I doubt it.


God says children are a gift from Him. They are full of joy and faith and expression. Each child so unique, so wonderfully made, so individual. And above all we love to capture their honest nature, without expectation of perfection or should I say - perfect behaviour.  Our desire is truth above all.


Looking back through this families session blesses me immensely. I can see, and in turn feel their deep rooted love. Their commitment to not withholding, but wholeheartedly expressing themselves to one another. It just bursts my heart!


Cudding on the floor of your living room may at times seem normal or mundane, but I think it's simply beautiful. I think it's the very thing that we will miss when our kids are grown. I think about this a lot, as my kids are 6, 8, and 10. It's different now, but no less important. 

I am SO grateful I've taken the time to photograph my kids and make albums. In realizing this gratitude, Tamarah and I want to share this vision and gift with you. 

You may have heard us talk or write about our Wholehearted sessions. One year, one hour a month, journal writing in a Soult Journal, all presented in a beautifully bound album complete with your words from the year. We will take time to hear about your life and which moments are the most sacred to you. This way, we can plan accordingly to capture it. Whether it be a family dinner, an afternoon sledding, bedtime, the list goes on. 

If this stirs your heart, send us an email. We'd just love to honour your family in this way.