A day in the life // September

This month felt really hectic. I re-considered my 15on15canada post a few times... but I knew I just needed to push through. September is hard, every year. It's sort of a write off in terms of connecting with friends or giving my time in extra ways.

I'm a duck in Sept. I am calm (sort of) on the surface and paddling like 'you know what' beneath.

So I pushed myself this month. A little more truth, a little more grit, a little more grime, and a little more play.

So this is my day, work + play, kids + activities. September brings a routine to our lazy summer days. It brings order, which I do appreciate. I love seeing my kids adjust so amazingly to new schedules. Whether it be new dance classes or school teachers. I love our prayer on the morning drive, and the three hours I get to myself every day!

I took a walk and snapped some of images today. I just played because the sun was coming through the gorgeous fall leaves and I didn't need to be anywhere other than right where I was.

Sully chose dance this year, his class is called 'lil homiez. It's a Def Sol and it's pretty rad. Best part is that he loves it! He is my quiet, kind, sweet, thoughtful boy. He is so entirely how I wish I was. He is most things that I lack, and yet he is the fruit of my womb. I couldn't be prouder of all my kids, but he tends to get the least attention so I will honour him here.

Thank you again for taking part in our #15on15canada challenge. It brings together a community of photographers from across Canada that support #communityovercompetition , and it helps to make our world a little smaller.

Please visit my dear friend Jamie Hyatt to see her 15 images today! She is so lovely in every way. We have had the opportunity to become closer over the past year or so, and we always make a point of seeing each other when we're in the same city. I love her.