Documentary wedding - Jonathon and Miranda

"For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you."  - unknown

It's always such an honour to witness some of life's most special days and capture them for our clients.  A wedding day is so much more then a celebration, it is a beginning to forever.  We are always so moved by the stories of our clients, and these two were no different.  Their deep love ebbed and flowed through them, back and forth, and between them and those who came to celebrate their new forever that day. 

Love is a dance - an exchange of giving and receiving.  These two danced the dance of love so naturally. Generosity and kindness flowed from them.  It's all those significant, important and beautiful parts of your stories that we long to capture - not just an event, but the souls of two becoming one.  

Thank you, thank you Jonathon and Miranda for inviting us to witness your dance of love and capture the beauty of your story.  We were so honoured to be a part of your wedding day.