LoveArt session (with Andrew...)

Tamarah and I have been adoring our LoveArt sessions. They are new for us, intimate for couples, and sorta blowing our minds! Watching these couples connect so vulnerably in front of us is having a profound effect on our own relationships. It's so interesting when you set out on a new en-devour, and you have your own expectations, but then it blossoms into something much larger than you had anticipated.

We asked Andrew, a recent LoveArt husband, to tell his story of our night together:

Andrew: An unexpected evening - when my wife signed us up to get photos taken I was expecting it to be the typical annual photos with the kids.  Then she told me that it was just the two of us and it was going to be romantic photos.  At the time I thought this was strange to have photographers taking pictures of us in that kind of setting, but it seemed like it would be a good chance to have a date night and get out after a long week so I decided not to ask too many questions.
We ended up on the beach on the Saskatchewan river with an incredible sunset and calm summer evening.  As we walked from spot to spot we were told that we had to remain in contact and look each other in the eyes, hug and kiss.  This was a surprising feeling as we actually had uninterrupted time together where there were no other priorities or distractions.  We couldn't change the subject and talk about work or the kids. We had to remain close and looking into each other eyes so we ended up reminiscing of our life together. 
Trips to Italy, camping in the mountains and inside jokes starting coming back.  As we laughed about the years together (20 years this September) we started to rediscover the romance that had brought us together so many years back.  I looked into her eyes and was taken back to that place where it all began - and I felt so much peace being here with her. 
Suddenly, it was just the two of us again
The kids, the jobs and all of the day to day tedious minutia just dissolved and it was just us as one. That is when it hit me that I had forgotten how to spend real, true, honest time with my soul mate without expectations. The purpose of the photos didn't even matter anymore as the outcome turned into us rediscovering each other, not just documenting another year passed.  If you choose to do it - go into it with an open mind and experience the moment - you will not regret it.

Andrew and Jilaire, thank you would never be enough for both your words and what you gave us that night. We can see the dedication and intention you have in your marriage and it astounds us. We are moved and captivated by you two. Thank you for your example in love.