my creative process

To be a successful creative we need to have access to inspiration. I suppose the dilemma is where to get this from? We can look to others in our field, or to those using different mediums to express their creativity, both Tamarah and I believe the best place to grow from is deep within ourselves.

We both resonate with the term ‘artist’. We feel that our art comes from within us, and not a reproduction of what others are doing. Now, I know the subconscious is strong, and we will be inspired from much that we see. This in turn, will reflect in our work. But I also know that when I need to write a blog post or prepare for a shoot, my practice is in prayer. Quiet and solitude both give us the room to ask God for words. I may ask Him for wisdom and I am fully open to be used for His glory. Often I’ll re-read something I wrote and not even remember those words flowing through me. It is then I know I was 'but a vessel'.

This leads me to believe that access to the Creator of Heaven + Earth could lead my art in an amazing direction. And we all have this access, if we so choose.

How many of us try to replicate something He’s already created? Every medium has been used, at one time or another, to duplicate something He has already given us. The sky, sunsets, fields, mountains. Statues or paintings of people we want to honour, all things that He has already made lovely in His image. I suppose my thoughts then lead me to wonder, what more can He show us?

So that’s where my process begins. Deep within the depths of me. Striving for new + more + truth.  I need to give credit to Tamarah. This past year since we began conversing about the future, she has challenged me on this. Her hope is to challenge the city, country, world. To dig deep within our creative souls and produce all things original. And in doing so, shine light and create profound satisfaction for each one of us. We'd love nothing more than to walk this alongside others. It's an amazing journey.

Ever have that moment when everything lines up? You are in your art, and it’s almost as if you’ve risen above yourself. Time and space cease, and you are floating in the depths of your creativity. It’s as close to Heaven as I can get, so far... Such peace and oneness. I always feel this immense joy, and it’s different from adrenaline which can cause anxiousness. It’s a feeling of complete freedom. It makes me want for nothing, it's complete satisfaction. Let me be clear, it does not come from art alone, it comes from Jesus meeting me there.

Imagine if we could allow our profound individual creativity to shine? And the thing is… we all have it within us. And we don’t need to have money or status to access it. We can be in a field penniless and access this gift. We could use blades of grass to create art, or draw in the sand. And through our creating we can discover things within us we didn’t know. And what I’ve found, what’s been the most striking, is the healing that has come through my art.

Because it's not about being the best, it's about being authentic to ourselves.

Not everyone knows the mental illness I’ve suffered. I don't hide it, but it doesn't always come up. What I've learned is that working in a creative field has kept me healthy in ways I never would be. And I also know that God has led me here, to this career. He cares so much that I am moving forward in the way I should go. A gift I strive to show my children. Move forward in the way he or she should go. Teach them their strengths and giftings, speak kindly to them and declare His goodness for their futures. Let Him lead the way, so instead of success we can be guided by surrender.