Tammy Zdunich of Meraki + Light, a day in my life

A 'day in my life' looked a little different than normal. Being that this happened in summer, I was on holidays. But since this needed to be authentic, I thought, let's just play it as it lays.

My day in the summer was spent holidaying at my aunts farm, with my kids. My lovely hubby was in Vancouver on business, so I stole my mom and escaped to the country.

Never have I felt like this.  I'm serious. I am beyond relaxed, it is a feeling hard to describe.

My kids are at such an amazing age. If I could speak to myself a few years ago and explain the feeling it wouldn't matter. I wouldn't have believed it. Here's the thing; a time will come when you can sit and watch your kids play, and just bask in their little relationships with each other. Whether it be fighting, or hugging, or chasing each other. It doesn't matter, because it's pure and it's simple, and it's just them.

I've been immersed with them. Full immersion, fully in the water, quenched with time and hope and gratitude. They've piled high on top of me, played 'red rover', floated in the lake, and turned our fingers purple from berries.

Tonight as I wrote this, my kids were around the fire. I quickly saved and thought, I'll come back to this later, I want to enjoy my family. I am so glad I did, my heart is so full.

My heart is so full.

Today is all I need, it is more than I could have ever asked for, and my cup overflows. Take heart, those who suffer, life can be painful ~ I know this, I do ~ but today, today is pure and hopeful.

Take heart that life can be beautiful too. And when it is, stop, write, reflect, enjoy, don't let it pass without saying 'thank you'. Thank you Heavenly Father.