choosing our yes's

A friend said to me today, 'I am always telling my kids to hurry up. My daughter will be stopped staring at a bug when we really need to get to school. But maybe the bug my daughter is looking at is more important then being on time to school. Maybe I need to stop and just look at that bug.'            Preach.

I've been looking at a lot of bugs lately, metaphorically speaking. Although I actually have been looking at an awful lot of caterpillars lately... but that's not the point.

I guess I'm saying that I've been making a conscience effort to slow down. Which often means making hard decisions, and saying no. Saying no a lot. Did you know that having boundaries means a lot of saying no? That's hugely hard for me, the social butterfly I am. I also like to fly by the seat of my pants, and spontaneity is kinda my favorite. If you're anything like me you know the above leads to loads of burn-out.


I've been burnt out. I think I maybe have been burnt out for about 8 years... but I'm only coming to realize it now on the other side. And this 'other side' I speak of, it's pretty sweet.

I know I'm not the only one who's found themselves in a state of busy. I know lots of you can relate. And tell me why we feel so guilt ridden saying no? That old saying keeps coming to mind, every yes is a no to something. So when I say 'yes' to more work, who am I saying 'no' to? Good friends, my hubby maybe, or perhaps my kids? Perhaps time spend in meditation with God? These are all things that I convinced myself I wasn't neglecting, but now 'on the other side' I can see maybe I was neglectful.

I don't have it all figured out. I'm the first one to tell you that. But the more I put my truth out there, the more honest & worthwhile conversations I have. And the more perspective I gain.

This wild Meraki + Light journey I am on. With Tamarah alongside in every way. Who knew that taking another thing on would, in turn, slow my life down? And then to enrich it in a way I never knew was possible. In our business, there is slow deliberate thought for every decision. And they are all made with our families in mind. 'How will this effect them? Does this take away precious time from those most important to us? Is this a worthwhile yes?'


I spent the last two days at a friends pool. My workload is lighter and I can afford to do this. My life, and my heart, are peaceful. Gratitude all around.

I encourage you to ask yourself if your recent choices are a worthwhile YES. Because we all make choices, many many choices, every single day.

And I am enjoying the reward of time well spent. Now that I am starting to make decisions a little slower and more thought out. I continue to make many mistakes daily, but the few good ones I've made are buying me time. And if I can be perfectly honest here, it comes with a cost too. It comes with less clients, less income, less work.

Narrowing our focus has hard for this YES girl, but Tamarah has helped me in remembering that it takes time to invest deeply in our families and couples. We are SO grateful for each person that comes to us at Meraki + Light, we know they are all brought to us for a reason.

Intentional workload, invested clients, believing in our work, fighting for the whole not the individual. You can expect much more on these topics as we climb this mountain of learning together. xo Tammy