Printing your pictures

Often it’s so easy to think in the present. And although I know we need to live in the moment, it’s also important to think of how our long term thinking can benefit those in our futures. Those we may not have met yet. Our children.

This family is sharing in a memory from ten years ago. Tamarah and I were recently asked to come photograph them for their 1-0 year wedding anniversary. Wow. This sort of thing has been coming up recently, weddings I photographed ten+  years ago.

I originally photographed their wedding at Boehmer Photography, and I included an album with their package. I have always done this, and we continue to do this at Meraki + Light too. While this may seem like just an extra expense at the time, this family is reaping the rewards of a decision well made.

Value is sometimes hard to see. And sometimes it's difficult to choose where to cut and where to spend. My photographer friends and I often joke, the only left after the BIG day is the photos and the marriage. The marriage being the MOST important, of course. But good photos to look back on doesn't hurt.

I was so happy to hear these kids look through the beautiful albums, Ashley didn't only have the wedding album but she had a whole closet of history books. - generations to come will look through them too- I know my kids spent hours flipping through both my wedding album and our yearly family albums. I really would love to encourage you to print pictures, frame some - pop some in a book - spend the extra of a wedding or family album. I can't imagine you'd ever say 'worst money ever spent is our memories'... insert 'tongue in cheek' here :)

'which to choose, the momentary or the long term'

Printing imagery is a BIG part of our vision at M+L. It's about the long term. every decision is. From our family sessions that capture every little moment of connection you share, to our weddings that tell the story of your day just like it was.

So no matter who you choose as your photographer, go ahead and get the album! You won't regret it.

It's hard to express what it meant to me watching this family look through their album I had made. It was overwhelming, full of love, and definitely FULL CIRCLE.