In honour of Mother's day, a friend's prose...


Leane is a very dear friend of mine. We have walked many miles through hard conversations and conviction together. She has guided me in my toughest decisions. She is my mentor and big sister, and she always calls me her angel (only after her daughters, of course).

Just last week I asked her to write for us, to tell us about her walk with God.

Leane's words;

I came to Him because of her. He had always been part of my life but not consuming, penetrating. Just part of my life. Her life has compelled me to seek Him.

In my anguish, unrelenting anguish I turned to God again and again. I wept on His shoulder and He rocked me in His arms. He was a Father. He had given up His Son.  He understood.  I put her life in His Hands.  SURRENDER.

Jesus speaks to me of a different life now.

My life, without worry, unrelenting sorrow, guilt and shame. Forgiveness. Even more than that mercy.  A life filled with gratitude.

Yes, even for what brought me here. Even for what brought me here.

I am the mother of two incredible daughters. This is my gift. One of my daughter’s suffers the disease of addiction.  She brought me closer to Him. In daily suffering, I turned deeply.

My head bowed, my heart bleeding for her, this sweet child of mine. He wept with me and for me. I prayed for her deliverance from the ravages of this disease.

In time, with His patience and gentle whispers, I came to understand He would deliver her in this life or the next. It was His plan. HIS.

I am so blessed. SO blessed. Two angels that bring me to God every single day.

My little one in her wisdom and grace that’s been gifted to her from the Creator.  She is strength and forgiveness. We strive our entire lives to appreciate and understand kindness to the depth that my young daughter does. Many never achieve her compassion. God’s mercy lives in her.

I do not wish for anyone to experience the agony of my journey yet I do not wish it away. We all have our crosses. I kneel in thanks for the life He has given me. I owe Him that.

Thank you Leane for sharing with us. I know this is not an easy walk, and I know there is SO much more for you. I thank God every time I think of you.