in the arms of love

Everything about this mother echoed love to us. Her kind gentle arms around her new son. Her ability to live so honestly in the moment. Attending to Manuel's needs and offering everything for him, from her.

You could feel her joy in the home, in the rooms. Oh this perfect little boy wrapped up in her arms of love. When they are little and fully reliant on momma. It's an ache that continues in motherhood, much past this stage. It's an ache for a whole kind of love, that only a parent provides and understands.

Maria shared tradition with us, she spoke so humbly about it. I just longed for more. I still long to know how it feels to be away from her home country and her own mother. What a gift to capture these initial moments and gather up some of their love to send south. Our focus is always to spread this love we witness to as many people as we can. We know that only love heals, and love like Maria's is so powerful.

All that Manuel ever needs has been given to his mother.

I speak to you Maria 'you are the perfect mother for your child, you carry so much love and tenderness. You are his life, his thirst, and his hunger. May you be blessed all of your days together.'

Life is here. Life and beauty and rest. May you hold him and may you find favor.