a quiet place

It’s a bit of a jaunt to find Noah’s country home. Down the long highway, round this bend and that turn. Up the hill and the road turns to gravel. From there, you’ll travel for a few miles and find a long driveway into a shady yard. 

Here I found a brand new baby, in a quiet country home.

My heart keeps singing of the love this little boy was born into. Quiet assurance of love. The hope of a life of playing in his yard, riding a bike, getting messy in mud puddles. Joy written all over his face, with a cheek to cheek grin.

You can see the hope when you visit their home. Noah’s room speaks of it. 

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

"don't ever give up"

These quotes they've hung up. The dreams they've already invested in. Little Noah, so well loved before he was even born.

One of my favourite moments upon arrival was Justyna doing Jason’s hair. I am guessing that this is a daily event, and I just happened to witness it. It struck me because while I’m sure many women do their men’s hair, I don’t always get to see the bond and love that is poured into it. The time spent taking care of each other. This is the love they carry.

Time is here. Time spent staring at a baby. I’ve lost many hours in this glorious state.  I fell into it too, the quiet pondering took hold of me and released any burdens I was carrying.

The work we do holds such power. It takes us to another place, a place without time, creating and holding onto moments. It removes the ‘before’s’ and the ‘afters’ and replaces them with now. Each moment, as we watch and wait for the connections. Not forcing them, but feeling for them as they emerge. From baby, the love transfers like water, washing through mom, and over dad. Love is a fountain, truly it is. It knows no borders, it moves through any obstacle. It washes us from our feet to the tip of our head and beyond that. It can lift you up, or knock you to your knees. It is an embrace that will melt away all sorrow.

Just look at this joy! I can't bear it, it's so powerful! 

When we live in this moment, watching and feeling for the movement of love, we are fully alive. Transported to another realm and refreshed like new. Oh the joy our work brings!

I am thankful for the healing power of love, and for the creative gift I have been given. Because you know this is not of me. I say it all the time. I give God my hands, and let Him do the work. I am nothing and yet I have everything.