Our Christmas Mini's

There is something amazing about our yearly mini sessions. We get to spend time with families that our connected to us briefly, but intensely. This is something I've often wondered about, how is it possible to love these families so completely? Is this what God's love pouring through us feels like? 

And it can feel intense for me, as intense as my love for my own family. 

The thing I've learned is that it's ok to love others  t h i s  m u c h (my arms are totally outstretched at this point). It's ok if others don't understand. It's ok if my eyes shine so bright upon seeing their faces, even if it's just once per year. It's ok if my heart skips a beat when they smile. It's ok if this sounds a little too much, because if you know me at all, maybe I can be just a little too much sometimes... And guess what, I am ok with that. 

You can rest in knowing that you are accepted and loved unconditionally by both Tamarah and I. You can rest safely with us. We are so grateful for the way you give a little of yourselves to us. The way you shine so bright in front of us. We love you.

Photography is so much more than picking a location and taking an image of you. It's a transfer of love between you, your family, and us. And the camera is just the vessel that allows us to share all this abundant love with you! And it transfers right back to us, it is such a great gift! This is why it's more than a job for us, it's our art. It's our hearts and souls. 

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for letting your vulnerability show. Much love for us to you, this year and always.