Kingdom Partnership, part l

Tamarah and I, we carry each other. We carry the load of work and meet the expectations of clients together. This is an amazing gift. But it is not without it’s challenges. Tamarah is a brave communicator. She asks the hard questions, always in love. I am able to face uncertainty with someone who is willing to love me through my mistakes, and who is not willing to sacrifice our vision to please others. 

Our vision needs to please God first and foremost. Every business decision we make needs to have Him at the centre. This includes the effect our work-life balance has on our families, whether we value ourselves enough to charge our worth, and still honour others in doing so.

We are striving to learn Kingdom partnership, and to be honest, it kinda feels like unchartered territory. 

We feel that, when we’re working toward Kingdom business, our goal is not to prosper our business alone, but to prosper others around us. To lift them up, to get underneath them, and lift them higher than us even. 

But what does this look like? God is carving away at our hearts trying to help us figure it out.

The world teaches us that our profit should be our priority. Since I started my business I would hear other entrepreneurs say 'at the end of the day it's all about money, right?'. I can tell you wholeheartedly that this has never ever mattered to me, not for one day. Shouldn't it be about passionately moving forward toward excellence? Even if this cuts into our 'profit'?  Can I just add that I don't believe profit is a bad thing, it’s an amazing blessing, it's just never been my focus. It's come through hard work and passion, instead of crunching numbers and worry.

So how do we marry wonderful blessings such as profit and be radically generous in spirit? 

It’s easy to be generous to our clients and friends, but are we comfortable being radically generous to our competitors? Both with love and maybe even sharing our trade secrets? Out of fear we naturally compete and ask the question; ‘is this the best way to grow my business?’. But Tamarah and I want to remove competition from our conversation completely.

We don’t want it to have a role. We want to create from our deep depths of ability. Ability given to us by our King and Creator. We ALL have this ability, we just need to be willing to dig deep enough to find it. If we are creating from our own souls, we can then say goodbye to competition and trust that the right clients and enough work will come.

I think the greatest enforcer of competition is fear. Fear of stealing ideas, style, clients. Even as I write this post I wonder, am I completely biting myself in the butt writing this? Am I out to lunch? Doubt and fear always follow...

But in this doubt we get to make a choice. We can choose to give in to the world and to fear, or to act in faith and trust God will provide both the clients and the work we need. This is not a one time decision. Tamarah and I both face these moments. But our hearts carry the same question and end goal, and this has made all the difference. We want to walk in radical love + radical generosity, in our lives.

We both don’t see a difference between our personal lives and business lives. They are one in the same, they are both a measure of us, they both matter in the end. 

We want to say yes to giving gifts to others, and not first calculate the cost of that gift. Do we not have enough faith to trust God will more than cover that minuscule cost?

How we live matters, our daily choices and our daily fears. We are walking towards Kingdom business, we are making mistakes and learning. We’d love to continue this conversation with you, to be continued...