15on15canada NOVEMBER!

I am SO exited for this month's #15on15canada! We have an amazing line-up, lots of new Canadian talent! And guess what else... we have a theme this month, MOTION. 

If you're new to our 15on15, here's the lowdown: community focused photographers from across Canada have joined to share a little of our personal lives with you. Photographing our own lives to bring us back home during an intense photography season. We will capture some of our own everyday and even experiment a little! This month we decided on the theme motion, we have also asked that each photographer do a 'self portrait' in the theme! I cannot wait to see what everyone does!

Here's my motion experiment... honestly this was so much fun! Just a little push to create, no makeup and dirty hair, who cares! Take 5 minutes today and create!

Tag #15on15canada so we can see!

This group just keeps growing and becoming better. In every way we are learning to collaborate stronger, create deeper, and communicate bravely. 

 As soon as we chose our theme this month, I was thinking about #motion at every shoot I did. Here are a few from our recent Meraki+Light wedding!

And also our mini's sessions on Friday. Tamarah and I often speak about pushing ourselves harder, and reaching further in our craft. It's amazing to create a community that does this for us as well. I'd encourage you all to take part, start posting your own images and use the hashtag #15on15canada so we can meet you too!

I'd love if you would visit the Toths blog to see their 15on15!! I am so honoured to have both Sancia + Mitchell joining us! They are incredible Canadian artists, passionate + brave, dedicated to what they believe in. My heart hopes I will meet them one day! 

xo Tammy Enjoy!