a day in the life // October

 snow on my succulence

snow on my succulence

Community is a beautiful thing, we want to shine a light on all of the incredible photographers here in Canada. We are all unique, we have different stories, practices, visual eyes, post processing techniques and that is a beautiful thing. We are better together. We can love each others work, style, and business succeses, we can be supportive, loving, and confident as a community, as artists. #CommunityOverCompetition

Here is my #dayinthelife story:

I've been stretched. I knew the moment we arrived in NYC that this would be the month of stretching me. And I'm not done yet. October has been a month of change, of hard + different things. I am welcoming the changing and stretching of my soul. But along with this change comes a need for comfort. So you'll see many things in my 'Day in the Life' that comfort me.

I gave my testimony the day before I left to NY. And since then there has been a daily unrest. Jesus's peace in constant throughout, but I feel like in a battle with the earth. A battle with living in a place that is simply ~ not my home. And I know, and I've been learning more and more, that my rest is not to come from things on earth but from my Heavenly Father.

and yet... I keep searching for it in the earthly things. My slippers, my fireplace, my sweet kids smiles. All these things are good, so good. They are all blessings, but they are not Jesus.

So as I shared this with my dear friend Elisabeth yesterday, she reminded me that I shared my testimony recently to a group of beautiful supportive women, my sisters in Christ. And when you share something so powerful, it can upset those who don't want to hear it. And I say, that's ok. Because I have a good good Father. He is so good to me. He cares for me and He will never leave me.

And I know that it's ok to warm myself by the fire, or pop on my cozy slippers. And it's ok to cuddle my hubby and eat delicious food. But it is not the answer to my unrest. The answer is God alone.

So while my Father will POUR out His amazing gorgeous blessings on me, and I will delight in them, I will always and continually KNOW that they are from His bounty.

In Christ alone, my cornerstone. Thank you for restoring my hope. Thank you for lifting me. I trust in You.

There are a handful of photographers participating - if you loved my blog post and wanted to see another #15on15 / #ADayInTheLife... follow over to ADAM+ALEXANDRA 'S blog and follow the loop. I haven't met A+A yet, but I'd love to!

We will be doing this every month on the 15th so stay tuned for the next one on August 15th and for an even BIGGER train of participants. If you are a Canadian photographer and would love to participate, let us know! :)

xo Tammy